Your Life As A Mystery School

Mystery schools once existed throughout the Ancient World – Greece, Egypt, India, China, South America. These spiritual centres provided a place where students could receive a mystical education by progressing through a series of spiritual trials and initiations. The goal was to provide seekers with the highest levels of spiritual realization – to understand the … Continue reading “Your Life As A Mystery School”

The Search For Meaning

The greatest challenge we face in our lives is the Search for Meaning. What is life really about? What are we really here to do? These are big questions. Nobody can pretend to have the answers for anyone else. As Viktor Frankl once said, it is like asking a Chess Grandmaster what THE best move … Continue reading “The Search For Meaning”

Developing A Reflective Life

Developing a Reflective Life In The Midst Of Turmoil One of the most important things you can do in life is to simply find time for yourself. By this, we don’t mean opting out of society or “spacing out”. Value yourself enough to give yourself time to simply be, without any expectation of goal or … Continue reading “Developing A Reflective Life”

Produce a Quantum Leap

10 Things You Can Do To Produce A Quantum Leap In Your Life Fast We often hear of small actions that can make a dramatic impact on our lives. Here are ten such things which, if done with determination, will produce a revolution for you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially! 1. Drink Pure Water … Continue reading “Produce a Quantum Leap”

Having a Mentor

On Having A Mentor – A Lesson from Alexander The Great by Asoka Selvarajah, Ph.D In a recent biography of Alexander the Great, the author, in exploring Alexander’s motivations and driving forces, makes some fascinating observations. It would seem that Alexander was a devoted reader of Homer’s great epic poems, The Odyssey and the Iliad; … Continue reading “Having a Mentor”