What is life’s greatest gift? It is free will or choice.

What is life’s greatest gift? It is free will or choice. Choice is the ability to select one course of action from a set of alternatives to achieve a goal. What is so great about choice? It transforms us from dumb animals into artists. Each of us becomes another Michelangelo, for choice is nothing other than the chisel we use to sculpt our life. The chisel doesn’t come free, however, for the price of choice is responsibility. But when we accept and carry out our responsibility, the reward is great. The reward is happiness.

Life is not static, it is a flow. Every choice we make leads us closer to or further from our goals. We constantly need to monitor where we are on our journey. We need to ask questions: Am I moving closer to my goals? If not, what corrective measures can I take? What action will I take now to realign myself with my goals? Choice is power. Choice is at the heart of life; it is the creative power of life.

You make choices every day, and your life becomes more convenient or comfortable because of them. For example, you decide which stores to shop at and which gas station to patronize. But the decisions we make that sculpt our lives are far more important than deciding where to shop. The more we appreciate the difference between minor and major decisions, the greater the likelihood that we will experience happiness and fulfillment.

All chess lovers realize that it isn’t necessary to win to enjoy the game. The pleasure is in the playing. Life is like a chess game. Make the best moves (choices) you can under the circumstances. If you live by this rule, you will always enjoy the game of life, regardless of its outcome.

How to Make the Right Choices

Each day, we make countless choices. How can we be sure we are making the right decisions? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Be aware of where the road leads
Choose intelligence. Not every decision we make is a moral choice. Sometimes its just a matter of choosing between stupidity and intelligence. For example, if you are a young nonsmoker and your friend offers you a cigarette, dont take it. That would be stupid. If youre looking for the path to happiness, it is easy to find. Just avoid the paths with signs that say STUPID and follow those that say SMART. Easy enough to do, but you have to remember to check the signs before you start down a path. As Harry Emerson Fosdick wrote, “He who chooses the beginning of a road chooses the place it leads to. It is the means that determine the end.”

Whenever we are at a fork in the road, we will find that one of the paths is easy to take, but that may be the only thing good about it. So, look carefully. You may find that one path tempts you and the other ennobles you. Choice the one that ennobles you. Learn how to withdraw from temptation. For as it is written in the Bhagavad Gita, “Even as a tortoise draws in its limbs, the wise can draw in their senses at will.”

Besides the paths of SMART and STUPID or GOOD and BAD, there is yet another road, and it leads nowhere. It is the road of non-action. It is the path of no-choice. Whenever we face choices and refuse to decide, that refusal is our decision. By refusing, we turn over control to the tides of fate, and instead of shaping our lives, we decide to drift wherever the tides and currents will take us.

2. Do what you can
Decide what you CAN do, not what you WANT to do. Our wants are insatiable. We want to do everything. But how can we become anything if we want to become everything? Choose worthwhile goals that you have time for. Set priorities and focus on the important issues. If you run out of time before getting to the minor tasks, at least you would have done the important ones.

Choose to carry out your responsibilities not because you HAVE to, but because you WANT to. Tasks that you HAVE to do create pressure and stress. Actions that you WANT to do, lead to the joy of accomplishment and freedom from inner conflict. Choose to learn how to WANT to do those tasks that you should be doing. For in the end, you will do only what you want to do. Similarly, when you cant have what you want, choose to want what you have.

3. Look for the good
Some of us may be undergoing great hardships. But no life is so difficult that it cannot be made better by improving our attitude. No matter how dire the circumstances, if you look for some good, you will find it. But how can we find anything good if we occupy our time complaining? The rule to remember is that we are certain to find what we look for. If we search for good, we will find it. If we search for something to complain about, we will surely find it. Choose to search for good. And choose to believe something good can and will happen. Choose to live with hope, rather than despair. Don’t be a dope. Learn to cope. Live with hope.

4. If you cant change the circumstances, change yourself
We cannot choose what will happen TO us, but we can choose what happens IN us. That is, we can choose to have the right attitude, one in which we view challenges as opportunities instead of problems. Choose to be positive. For example, although he became confined to a wheelchair after his accident, W. Mitchell (author, TV host, and businessman) said, “Before I was paralyzed there were 10,000 things I could do; now there are 9,000. I can either dwell on the 1,000 Ive lost or focus on the 9,000 I have left.”

5. Be aware of your choices
When we act out of habit rather than conscious choice, the path were traveling on is a rut, perhaps even a slippery slope. If we don’t want to end up at the wrong place, we have to be awake. We have to be aware and make our choices consciously. The best way to do this is to develop the habit of always looking for opportunities. Scout Cloud Lee also writes about conscious choice: “When we acknowledge that all of life is sacred and that each act is an act of choice and therefore sacred, then life is a sacred dance lived consciously each moment. When we live at this level, we participate in the creation of a better world.”

Look around you. There are great people everywhere. Champions, victors. And they’re all rooting for you. They are voting for you because they want you to win. Unfortunately, you are also surrounded by losers, people who want to drag you down. They are voting against you. Half are for you. Half are against you. How will this closely contested drama turn out? It all depends on you because you will be casting the deciding vote. The ballot is the choices you make. Be careful how you choose!


  1. Loved this reading. It is very true. I know when my mom became disabled, she did not lose her kindness and loving way about her. She always saw the positive side of things even as she declined. She loved to live and have friends and do things and talk to people. So she found friends even when she was confined to the hospital, nursing home, or rehab home. She was loved by the nurses so they went out and above to show her love from the time she was in the nursing home till she got discharged. So im grateful for the way the care was given to my mom.

  2. I really enjoy this article it bless my heart to know no matter what I’m face with I can still achieved my goals and change my mindset to a having a better attitude no matter what goes on, because it keep you focus off the negative in your life.

  3. Hello,
    I really enjoyed reading this article is a real eye opener. I am a cigarette smoker and I did quit for 16 months and I wish I had never picked up that cigarette after that because now I am thinking it will be harder to quit the second time. I am planning on it I hope. I try to look on the positive side but sometimes I go to the dark side. I know it is my job I have been with for 25 years management wants me to quit secretly they do I feel because of the way I am treated when I have a problem either with quality issue, a personal matter, ect… I think when I apply myself with the help of this article I am thinking I will feel better about everything.

  4. I enjoyed the article and definitely will use some of the steps in my life and future positions. First to learn to be able to make better choices. Think positive and not let other peoples negative thinking alter mine.

  5. Really enjoyed this positive and uplifting article, something you can to apply to your life in making the right choices

  6. I agree with a lot in this article. It is very important to have positive feedback and to improve things in life that has been bringing you down. It was an uplifting article. It made me think about what I need to be looking for and to push myself to have more motivation. Being a single mom has a lot of ups and down, I think being a single mom is the most hardest thing in the world. Because if you have no help from the biological father can take a big toll on a person. This article gives you motivation and a push to do better and to show you can do it.

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  9. [quote name=”Deborah Tuck”]Great encouragement on how we should look for the positive in all.I enjoyed the reading.[/quote]
    I agree with the article, and tried to teach my children the same. I also try to live as it is of positive and being around positive people for the energy to progress in life.

  10. I so enjoyed this article I was truly blessed by it. I thank you I now know the things that I need to do in my own life. I know need to change my attitude and to make better choices. Because I choose to be better. And I am the one who has the power to make it happen for myself.

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  45. Making right choice sometimes can be easy and other times be harder to make. We always need to make sure that we have everything lined up correctly in our lives to make sure that all the right decisions are being made. Plus that we are able to take responsibility for the decisions and choices we all make all the time.

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  49. [quote name=”judy mull”][quote name=”d.boeri”]sometimes the right discision is not always the answer, as a job. you stay becauseof the money, but the the stress is greater. good discision , keep the job bills need to be paid…working with new boss who has a bad attiude and embarras you in front of people all the time gets really stressfull and hard to work, dont need to carry that home. quit or not ??[/quote]
    Make sure that you have a job lined up to replace the one that you are about to quit be fore you do quit. Then when you get a new job then you can give your notice to the boss that is giving you a hard time and is embarrising you in front of your fellow workers. TAhat boss will more than likely be the next person looking for a new job!!![/quote]
    Judy I am having the same problem with a co-worker. She is very bossy and looks for something wrong with everything I do. She has made a job I love very hard to enjoy. I am still working there, but I am taking college classes to get a better job. Please find another job before you Quit. There are people who are seeing how he is treating you.. I believe he will get what is coming to him and you will get relief from the stress once he is gone. Keep your head up. Better things are just around the corner.

  50. I try to withhold a lasting judgement until I know a person a bit better. The person who stole my purse could be going through a rough time (like Jean Valjean in Les Miserables – without the random singing)

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    TRY to make the right choices.

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    when you are not comfortable at the job that you are currently working and your boss is making it difficult for you to make it work then by all means quit, but first you must make sure that you have a new job to go to, don’t quit until you have one. Then by all mean’s tell you boss a 2 wk notice that you will no longer be working for the company.

  59. [quote name=”d.boeri”]sometimes the right discision is not always the answer, as a job. you stay becauseof the money, but the the stress is greater. good discision , keep the job bills need to be paid…working with new boss who has a bad attiude and embarras you in front of people all the time gets really stressfull and hard to work, dont need to carry that home. quit or not ??[/quote]
    Make sure that you have a job lined up to replace the one that you are about to quit be fore you do quit. Then when you get a new job then you can give your notice to the boss that is giving you a hard time and is embarrising you in front of your fellow workers. TAhat boss will more than likely be the next person looking for a new job!!!

  60. Thanks for the good advice; indeed, life is a matter of choice, whatever you are going through today is a result of the choice you made yesterday, wake up and shape up your tomorrow by making the right choices NOW!

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  65. I agree I do like your website that say join.me and it helps me to connect to my instructor to help me with my class work

    Sincerely, Yours

    Evette Goodridge

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  67. sometimes the right discision is not always the answer, as a job. you stay becauseof the money, but the the stress is greater. good discision , keep the job bills need to be paid…working with new boss who has a bad attiude and embarras you in front of people all the time gets really stressfull and hard to work, dont need to carry that home. quit or not ??

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  79. I took care of dementia people in an assisted living environment.Each one had their own personality. You could tell when they had good days and bad days. Each day was a blessing for us to see them get up and have worries just like us. We solved their problems and off they go as if nothing happened.We were all sad when they left us here on earth, we knew that they had the best life they possible could have.Would I do this all over again,yes I would in a heart beat. Each and every one of us knew that we did all that we could to make their life meaningful.

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  82. I love this article, it’s so true about making better choices. I also believe that there is always good, if you are looking for it. If you look for problems, you will surely find them as well. My life sucks right now, I am caregiver to my parents and my moms sister. All 3 of them are in their 90’s and sick. They are a lot of work and make me crazy, I have no time for myself. People tell me I’m insane to take in 3 old, sick family members, but I know in my heart that I’m doing something good, even if the good isn’t for me, it’s for them. This is a choice I made because I want to make a difference for them. I want their last days to be at home, with family that loves them, not in a nursing home with strangers. It’s hard work, really hard work, even with the assistance of an aide 10 hrs a day. Even with dementia, I know they appreciate all I’m doing for them, and that I love them enough to be happy to be doing it. Remember, do unto other as you would have others do unto you.

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