Do I Need to Improve?

Self-improvement Do I need to improve?—I am whole.I am complete.I am perfect.There is nothing lacking in me.—I am pure.I am beautiful.I am peaceful.There is nothing missing in me.—I don’t need to improve as long as I am.—If I am NOT,If I am identified with mind,If I operate from mind,Then I THINK I need to improve,Then … Continue reading “Do I Need to Improve?”

Question of Loneliness

Loneliness Living means three ‘entities’ at play; myself, others and the Source. The Source takes part in the disguised form, the Now.Therefore the three ‘entities’ at play are myself, others and the Now. These three ‘entities’ are at play, not in isolation, but in relation.Therefore, living means these three ‘relationship entities’ at play; relationship with … Continue reading “Question of Loneliness”

Are we time-bound?

`Do not waste time’ we hear this very often. Can we really waste `time’? Is there anything like `time’? What do we actually mean when we say `do not waste time’? Time (but for clock-time) is a mind-made concept.Why does mind become time-bound? How does mind become time-bound?What are the consequences of being time-bound? We … Continue reading “Are we time-bound?”

Suffering and self-actualization

Do we suffer? We do suffer; most of us and most of the time. And most of our suffering is unwarranted.—Living is all about processing life events. Life events could be either ‘external’ life events or ‘internal’ life events. External events occur while internal events are generated. External events are real while internal events are … Continue reading “Suffering and self-actualization”

Emotion-Based Reactivity

When we operate from mind, when we are identified with mind, how do we process every moment? Let us consider one instance of the question “how do we process every moment?” which is “how do we process this very moment, the now?” If an external life event occurs now, it is received by the sense … Continue reading “Emotion-Based Reactivity”

Chapter 06 – Separation from the Self (Second decoupling!)

Body developed further. Mind developed further.Intellect helped me to know.Memory helped me to refer the past and past learning.Ego helped me to assert. As the instances of resistance increased in occurrence,operation from the point of mind increased.Can I be different from the point of operation?I am mind.I am separate from the Self. This is stage … Continue reading “Chapter 06 – Separation from the Self (Second decoupling!)”

Chapter 05 – Separation from the Universe (First decoupling!)

Body was in the nascent stage of growth.Mind was in the nascent stage of growth.Demands on the Universe were minimal.Demands from the Universe were minimal. The Self expressed to the Universe. The Universe did not resist. The Universe expressed to the Self.The Self did not resist.This is stage one wherein I am true to my Self.I … Continue reading “Chapter 05 – Separation from the Universe (First decoupling!)”

Chapter 04 – The beginning (Ready, steady, go!)

The Source then sent us into this Universe. We are equipped with body and mind as the resources.The resources required to live in the Universe.The resources required to realize and fulfill our inner purpose. Thus I took birth, with body and mind as my resources,to live all the four stages of life and to fulfill … Continue reading “Chapter 04 – The beginning (Ready, steady, go!)”