Information Explosion: The Solution

About 3,000 years ago, the wise King Solomon wrote: Of making many books, there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh. I suspect that if most modern executives could send a message back to Solomon’s time (and don’t bet that modern technology won’t find a way), they’d say, Your Majesty, … Continue reading “Information Explosion: The Solution”

Implementing Total Quality Management

Did you know that, in a typical American Company, almost 40% of the resources are wasted redoing something that was done wrong the first time? Did you realize that an average of only 35% of an employee’s time is invested in actually doing the work or adding value to the job? These are scary thoughts, … Continue reading “Implementing Total Quality Management”

Fundamentals of Communication

Most of the verbal communicating you do is from one individual to another. This is true whether you’re in a family, social, or a work setting. One-on-one verbal communication affords the greatest opportunity for precision, because immediate feedback can tell you whether you were understood accurately. But communicating effectively involves more than just accuracy. The … Continue reading “Fundamentals of Communication”

Eliminating Profit Leaks

Many of the most brilliant and capable speakers and consultants are anything but successful — some even end up having serious financial problems. It’s not that they don’t work hard. In many cases they work too hard. The problem is they fail to manage the fruits of their labors effectively and let their profits slip … Continue reading “Eliminating Profit Leaks”

Effective Time Management

“Time is your most valuable resource!” says internationally known management expert Peter Drucker. Then he makes a very astute observation: “Unless time is managed, nothing else can be managed.” In other words, if time gets away from us, every other part of our business will get away from us, too. Your effectiveness in time utilization, … Continue reading “Effective Time Management”

Balanced and Motivated

The road to success is not a meandering path. It’s a carefully planned route. But planning a route takes you nowhere. It only tells you where you expect to go. Getting there requires that you hit the road. Before you hit the road, there are preparations to make. You have to pack your bags, make … Continue reading “Balanced and Motivated”

Solid Strategies = Solid Success

Success results from a solid strategy. Even the greatest ideas are of little value unless they are backed up by a practical and workable plan of action. The word strategy comes from an ancient Greek term which literally means to be a general leading troops into battle. Setting up a good strategic plan involves five … Continue reading “Solid Strategies = Solid Success”