Innovator and Educator, Dr. Mac Powell Describes 10 Ways to Increase Motivation

Motivation and persistence bring you closer to your dreams. Whether you want to climb a career ladder, write a novel, or travel the world, you need grit and enthusiasm. Without them, your plans wither. You’ll wonder how terrific life might have been if you had followed through with your ideas.

Dr. Mac Powell is an innovator and educator whose passion for leading change is exhibited consistently in his work. With clinical, editorial and educational experience, Dr. Powell aims, ultimately, to make the world a better place. Here, Dr. Powell, shares 10 ways to increase your motivation:

Know you are valuable

If you don’t believe you are valuable, you’re likely to quit. After all, why try if you imagine you don’t deserve success or suppose you’ll fail? Focus on boosting self-belief and getting rid of self-doubt. You have unique gifts to share – there’s no one like you on the planet, so nobody else can live your life’s purpose. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you intend to fulfill your dreams.

Get rid of success myths

Don’t let success myths deter you. Often, people attribute others’ achievements to genetics rather than determination and effort. If you think success stems from having the right DNA, you might not try to get ahead. Research suggests that people aren’t born to be successes or failures. Their lot in life isn’t a result of being lucky enough to come from a select gene pool.

Forget the myth about having to be more gifted than average to be prosperous. You have what it takes. Just keep moving toward your goals.

Define your aim

Do you know what you want or do you only have a rough idea? You must acknowledge and understand what you wish for before you can get it.

Everyone tries to achieve their dreams differently, though, and underneath all of those pursuits should be the desire to find happiness and contentment. Consider what will bring you joy. Is it abundance? Freedom? Or perhaps you want a loving family?

Define your dream, using as few words as possible. Be succinct, and you’ll get straight to the point and know where to go next. Write your goal in a journal and read it when you lose sight of what you’re doing. Don’t be afraid to alter your dream along the way, as your ideas might change as you learn and grow.

Visualize your success

It’s no mistake people who can’t see themselves reaching their goals don’t succeed. Try picturing your dream coming true to reinforce beliefs about what’s feasible. Practice visualization to encourage and motivate you, but also to help continually refine your efforts and actions.

Each day, become absorbed by pictures of triumph. See yourself looking happy and confident in doing what you want. Imagine how you’ll feel when your dream comes true. Use all your senses to make your fantasy come alive.

Create Steps

Don’t follow those who shuffle along without recognizing what to do. They might get close to victory, but never achieve their target. They fail since they don’t have a doable plan.

Create steps to your dream. Each should help you advance, nudging you forward. Don’t know how to get to your objective? Picture having done so and ask your higher self how you got there. Work backward to the start of the journey in your mind and jot your thoughts in a notebook. Find someone who has achieved success and ask them what they did.

Make rules to keep you going

The passage to your dream might not be straightforward. Instead of allowing challenges to dent your zeal, be ready to deal with them. Create rules to inspire you and keep you going. For example, thinking “I won’t listen to skeptics” will prevent you from losing heart if people say you will be unsuccessful.

Set guidelines before setbacks happen to build your resilience. You’ll be less likely to fold.

Celebrate achievements

One day, you’ll look back on the journey to success and recognize it was as significant as reaching your aim. Instead of imagining you must toil to get what you want, know you are already experiencing the dream.

The steps you take are part of your achievement. Appreciate them, and rejoice in every joyful instant. Be content as you achieve each milestone. Celebrate; sing, dance, go to the theater. Include friends who helped you and have fun. You’ll stay cheerful, and your positive outlook will fuel enthusiasm.

Learn from setbacks

You will make mistakes and meet problems. Sometimes, arrangements will go awry, and unanticipated circumstances will challenge you. Accept that you will face stumbling blocks and learn from them.

If you make mistakes, don’t scold yourself. Know each error inches you closer to watertight plans and expanded proficiency. Take hindrances in your stride. Appreciate that you’re gaining experience to stand you in good stead later. If what you do doesn’t work, brainstorm ideas about what will.

Create an atmosphere supporting victory

Generate support by surrounding yourself with helpful individuals. Network with experts and make valuable contacts too. Find your tribe of like-minded folks. Don’t devote time to people who disparage; stick with those who believe in you.

Take a moment to consider your environment. Can you make it better serve your needs? Can you reorganize space to make it fit for purpose? Are you supporting yourself well? Make sure to eat healthy meals, exercise regularly, and find a mindful hobby.

Talk yourself into succeeding

As you step out of your comfort zone, insecurity may grow. It’s essential to manage your mind and talk yourself into achieving your target.

You can learn to disengage from critical thoughts with meditation. Use counter-measures too, like positive affirmations, and wire your brain for success. Consider unwanted thoughts as background noise showing you’re achieving something unfamiliar. Imagine they are like the murmur you hear when tuning a radio. They show you’re switching from one state of being to another. The closer you get to your objective, the less of a buzz you can expect to hear.


You can and you will succeed! It isn’t your DNA that sets you apart; it’s your flexibility and energy. Your unwavering diligence will help you prosper. Know you are valuable and don’t believe in unhelpful myths. Distinguish what you want, and build steps and rules to help you keep taking them.

Remember to celebrate achievements and learn from setbacks. Create a supportive environment too and talk yourself into succeeding, and you cannot fail.

About Dr. Powell:

Dr. Mac Powell has been in numerous leadership roles, including as the President of John F. Kennedy University. Dr. Mac Powell has written over 100 articles on the importance of higher-education and performance and has dedicated his life to improving the community around him.


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