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12 Surprising Causes of Depression

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As you live in the modern world full of everyday challenges, rat race, deadlines, etc., no wonder you feel down, upset, frustrated or even depressed every time you face difficulties. Depression is a condition that pretty much everyone can go through.

From a medical standpoint, depression is a mood disorder which negatively affects you. The feeling of sadness or worthless, changes in appetite, loss of interest for everything you loved before, trouble sleeping are only some of the depression symptoms.

Forewarned is forearmed, as the old proverb goes. So here are some ‘hidden’ and the most surprising triggers of depression for your tactical advantage.

12 Surprising Causes of Depression

1. Smoking

In most cases people who try to quit smoking suffer from mood changes. They are quick to fly off the handle, too irritable and depressed as a result. The mood swings may be connected with withdrawal. The body of a smoker got used to getting a regular portion of nicotine that affects neurotransmitter activity in the brain. And as the smoker stops ‘feeding’ his body, it’s sort of a shock and stress for his brain. It may lead to deep depression.

Some tips: Try to stay in touch with friends; don’t cut off from other people, and do some sports activities to cope with depression. Every single effort of yours will pay off.

2. Children

This might not come as a surprise that children, especially teenagers are big trouble-makers. Definitely, it’s the worst age for teens as well as for their parents. For the most part, parents catch themselves thinking negatively as they can’t control their children all the time. Fortunately, there are some useful parent control apps, like kidsecured gps locations, that allow you at least to monitor your kids’ movements. Obviously, it lets you avoid stress and makes your life easier.

3. Seasonal influence

Summer is coming, you are excited about having fun, but instead, you start feeling sleepy, angry or hungry all the time. Probably, you’ve got a so-called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). But no worries, you are not sick. It’s just a seasonal thing with depressive symptoms that will disappear with time.

4. Thyroid

According to the article of Harvard Health Publishing, if thyroid makes too much or not enough hormones for regulating of metabolism, you might feel worried, nervous or depressed without any reason. In most cases, it can lead to some psychological disorders.

5. Mass Media

For better or for worse, Mass Media, especially the Internet became an integral part of our lives. And it has a tremendous impact on us. The movies and videos we watch, the pictures and posts we look at, the music we listen to stuck in our mind. No doubt, horrors, actions, sci-fi and melodramas influence us a lot. The feelings we get may also increase the risk of depression.

6. Sleep deprivation

Counting sheep doesn’t help? It seems like you are in trouble, as not enough sleep may provoke irritation. Moreover, depression may be an aftereffect of little sleep.

7. Social networking addiction

Картинки по запросу social-networking addiction

“Facebook depression” is common among teenagers for the most part. After following celebrities’ successful lives, people feel miserable about their own. In fact, a lack of personal interaction may be a trigger for feeling lonely and depressed. So, try to stop surfing the net all the time and hang out with friends instead.

8. Favorite TV show

It appears that the end of a movie you really like or a TV show you enjoy a lot may give you a feeling of missing something. When people focus on a happy fictional world, they lose a connection with a real one. Of course, it’s a piece of cake to switch on the TV and forget about all the problems you’ve got. But as soon as your favorite movie is over, you have to go back to your life again. Hence, you miss the world that doesn’t even exist. As a result, it grows into depression.

9. Money

More or less people are not satisfied with their lives. The reason is low-income jobs. People have full-time jobs, but unfortunately, it doesn’t let them enjoy a basic standard of living. It can be a root of growing depression.

10. No money

Basically, unemployed people suffer from depression as they feel miserable and misfit. Especially, if it’s a man, who can’t find a well-paid job. He is not able to feed and support his family. In most cases it causes depression.

11. Medicine

If you used to take lots of medications, you might be at risk. Unfortunately, depression may appear as a side effect for insomnia pills, for instance. Moreover, it may somehow provoke suicidal thoughts. So before taking medicine, make sure it doesn’t have dangerous side effects.

12. Bad habits

Those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are highly risked to be depressed. After facing some life difficulties, a weak person is trying to cheer himself/herself up taking drugs. But this way is deceptive.

Bottom line: there are too many triggers of depression and you never know when it can strike you. That’s why it’s really essential to know what causes this mood to prevent issues it may lead to.