4 Different Gifts That Fit Unique Occasions

Gift-giving can be stressful when it comes to unique occasions, especially in tough times. The great news is that it doesn’t have to be. By taking the time to look at the specifics of the occasion and coming up with what your recipient might need to help make things easier, you’ll put yourself in the position of giving a gift they’ll love. To see four ideas for gifts to give for unique occasions, read on.

1. Gifts of Sympathy During Times of Grief


One of the most challenging gifts to figure out can be those we give to people who are grieving. If you’re looking for the perfect condolence gift, start by thinking about how you can personalize it. When we lose someone we love, it can be great to receive something that honors them or reminds us of them. Try browsing sympathy gifts at Shutterfly or another print on demand personalization service. Shutterfly allows you to create photo books, wall art, photo cards, personalized gifts, and photo prints.

Maybe someone you love has lost a pet. A personalized blanket with their pet’s face or even paw prints on it could be a great comfort to them in the future. A memorial gift that will gently say the person or pet they loved won’t be forgotten could be a gift in itself. When considering remembrance gifts, don’t forget to think about other gifts you can give. When people are grieving, sometimes, the best gift can be being there for them or as simple as sending over a home-cooked meal. If someone you love is grieving, a great way to let them know you care is to ask them how you can support them through a challenging time. The gifts of friendship and love can be the best you can give when someone is hurting to help pull them through the grieving process or any difficult time.

2. Gifts for Students or Career Changesimg

Another unique occasion that can be difficult to shop for could be at a life milestone like graduation, acceptance into a new school, a career change or promotion, or other big move in someone you love’s life. If a person you care about has a big change coming or has just achieved something special, a great way to shop for them is to think about their tech needs. The global pandemic has taught us that we can work and learn remotely and that technology is extremely important for keeping us connected across all industries. To help the person you love stay connected and on top of the latest gadgets and tech during a career or educational change, you’ll want to take a look at their goals and interests.

Maybe you love a student who’s just graduated from high school, loves sports, and plans to go on to college to learn more about the gaming industry. For someone like this, finding the best budget gaming laptop could be the perfect gift. Sites like Hotspawn combine news, in-depth analysis and how-to guides into one place to help you learn everything you need to know about gaming laptops and other gaming gear—like an external mouse or a headset. Keep in mind screen size and processor speed when you’re buying a gaming laptop and remember—the best gaming laptop isn’t always a cheap gaming laptop. By combining the student’s interests with future goals, your gift will be sure to be a hit. Able to handle modern games like League of Legends, but powerful enough to handle an undergraduate degree’s worth of assignments, too, this gift would be not only fun but practical.

3. Gifts for Well-being and Get Well Wishes


If you have a family member who’s sick or injured, a good option for a get well gift could be as simple as a high quality, foam mattress. A great option for someone working hard to recover, you might want to consider a Serta mattress from City Mattress or another mattress brand to give your loved one the help of a supportive mattress. City Mattress was the first specialty mattress retailer, with brick and mortar stores located all around NYC and Florida. Their products include all sleep accessories: bed frames, mattresses, headboards, and more. While a gift card to their favorite restaurant or word games and puzzles might seem more appropriate or convenient than a high quality edge foam mattress, the reality is that a comfortable sleep will help them to recover faster. This thoughtful gift could make the difference in them being able to get back to their lifestyle or spending much longer suffering. When shopping for a mattress, the best thing to do is give a local store a call and ask about starting prices, build quality, discounts, and the benefits of things like Serta iComfort. That is, by doing your research ahead, you’ll be in a better position to help your family member get back to better health.

4. Gifts for Love and Relationship Milestones


Even though they’re happy occasions, some of the hardest things to shop for are gifts in romantic relationships that celebrate milestones. If you have trouble coming up with a good choice for a gift to show your sweetheart how loved they are, one way to do it is to have an honest conversation about the type of gift that makes them feel loved. For some couples, shopping together for the perfect gift or giving the gift of travel is a great way to get it right. While surprises are nice, many believe that making a gift shopping spree into a date is the better way to go about picking out gifts for each other.

Instead of letting a unique occasion give you anxiety or worries about finding the perfect gift, take a deep breath and consider what you might want if you were in that person’s position. Sometimes, just putting yourself in someone else’s shoes can be a great way to come up with the perfect gift idea. Ask yourself what the person on your list needs, not wants, take time to do some research, and always include a personal message, and you can’t go wrong.


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