5 Best online resources for parenting

Today’s generation relies on technology and social media for almost all of their activities and things to do. There are a lot of online resources being offered for parents covering different topics for the current generation. Parenting guides and other useful online resources can be easily accessed on the internet, and most of them are free.


Parenting.org focuses on updated topics that could help parents guide their children and offer up to date parenting advice too. They also provide counseling for those who suffered from abuse, addiction, abandonment, and violence. These are critical topics that parents can discuss with their children. Many families right now take advantage of simple conversations with their children and how these small conversations can impact their children’s decision making.


This website focuses on different topic and information that focuses on child development, safety, health, and various family issues. By subscribing to their newsletter, parents are sent free and updated topics that they can receive through their emails. The website has a lot of topics and discussions that are backed with 67,000 pediatricians committed to the well-being of children of all ages. From medicines to vitamins and different products and supplements that they might be using at home, they can read it here.

Topics that this site offers are health-related concerns and discussions. Discussions are updated every week and also covers current situations and how you can discuss it with your children, such as the coronavirus pandemic.


If you are looking for topics that are deeper and more serious to discuss with your children, such as sex, drugs, alcohol, and violence, this site might be able to help you.

Are you looking for something that can help your kids regarding bullying? Or maybe something they can read that helps them understand alcohol better? This site would give them a well-guided discussion on all topics you are looking for. The site also offers talking points on how you can discuss specific issues to your children and how you can react to the answers that they give you.


Kidsource.com is a good source of topics and discussions that are divided into different categories. Topics from newborns until k-12 and other categories are available here. They also offer reviews for various products and services that are readily available for you and your children too. Most of the topics and discussions they offer focus on primary health and education issues. The website provides good-to-know information from parents and their experiences too. There are many selections for good topics you can discuss with your children.

Do you want to teach your kids how to be responsible when it comes to their finances? Then this site is a good option for you. kidsmoney.org is an interactive resource for parents, teachers, teens, kids, organizations, and groups designed to help your children understand the importance of being responsible for saving and spending money too.

The site aims to help children understand the importance of being financially literate. Activities and games are available on this site to teach your kids about financial literacy and responsibility too.

The site’s creators believe that having financially literate children would help them to be smart and more cautious of their decisions when it comes to their money.

With the help of technology and social media, parents can look up online resources that are readily available when they have questions about child health, issues, activities, and many more. These online resources cover the most straightforward topics, and they can offer more complex ones too. These online resources are backed up by medical professionals, parents, and experts.