5 Easy Memory Exercises for Seniors

Is the memory of you or someone that you love waning? This can be very scary and you might notice that your loved one is slipping away.

There are things you can do to help the seniors in your life keep their memory. Using memory exercises for seniors can allow them to not only keep from losing their memory but it may also help improve memory.

Continue reading this article to learn these memory exercises to keep senior’s minds sharp.

1. Using Music

Music is a great way to help retired seniors work on their memory. Whether they are working on increasing the skill they already have or if they are learning a new instrument, this can be a great way to get the brain in action.

They don’t have to play an instrument necessarily. Using music might also look like joining a choir and having some fun in that way.

2. Cooking

Cooking involves multiple senses and learning new recipes can not only get the taste buds in action but it also allows for the use of smell, touch, and sight. All of these different senses use different parts of the brain which is great for memory.

When cooking, seniors will have to follow recipes and taste test to make sure they got the desired taste. The enjoyment of eating the food is an added bonus!

3. Testing Your Ability to Recall

It’s easy to let our memories lapse at any age because of smartphones and to-do lists we can easily pull up. Instead of letting technology do all of the heavy lifting for seniors, test their ability to recall.

Work with them to create a shopping list, a set of directions or something else they can remember. And then throughout the day see how well they are able to remember. Do this consistently and you’ll be able to help them keep their memory as strong as possible.

4. Take Up a New Sport

Sports are great for the body, yes, but they are also great for the mind and memory. If you’re worried about seniors getting hurt with strenuous exercise — no worries!

Instead of a sport like baseball, have them give golf or tennis a shot.

5. Learn a New Language

Learning new languages can open up a new world to us. Being able to understand more people can be very freeing but the learning process can keep senior’s minds strong and working well.

Having to learn things keeps the brain firing and helps the memory as more things are added to it.

Improve Using These Memory Exercises for Seniors

Now you know these important memory exercises for seniors and you or someone you love can not only maintain but also improve memory. Our lives are made up of many amazing memories and keeping them intact is important.

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