7 Horoscope Facts You Will Enjoy More Than You Think

It’s human nature to want to know more about ourselves. Read on to discover the most interesting and fun horoscope facts here.

Are you interested in astrology and how it affects your life? Or do you just like to have some fun by reading your weekly horoscope?

If so, you aren’t alone. People have been interested in studying astrology for hundreds of years in an attempt to understand more about themselves. They get their horoscope reading done by reputed astrologers to find answers to the problems they are facing or whenever they have doubts about their future.

Keep reading to discover some interesting and fun horoscope facts you never knew.

  1. You Have More than One Sign

You are probably under the assumption that you only have one sign based on your date of birth. This sign is actually your sun sign and you have several others as well. You also have 12 different signs known as “house cusps” as well as a sign for each planet. In order to know what all your signs are you will need to know your exact time and date of birth and then you can have an astrology chart custom made for you.

The three signs that are mainly used to when interpreting your personality are the sun sign, the rising (which can also be known as the “ascendant” or the first house cup”) sign, and the moon sign.

  1. The Rising Sign

Your rising sign is what helps identify your personality and can often times determine what kind of first impression you make when meeting someone new. This can also be considered the “mask” you wear when you meet other people. The rising sign shows you what type of natural defenses and automatic responses you tend to have when in different environments.

This sign shows you how your first, natural reaction is to new situations and people. It shows you what your natural defenses are and how you are prone to handle various situations day-to-day.

  1. The Sun Sign

The Sun sign is connected to your heart and is what generally drives your ego and spirit. This sign is what helps motivate you and help you reach your aspirations and is what helps make you a unique individual.

The Sun is also what governs your creative ability and gives you the power to overcome everyday challenges. The energy from the Sun is powerful and is what provides you with authority, leadership and is the core to your being.

  1. The Moon Sign

The moon is the closest celestial entity to Earth. It rules the tides just like it rules our emotions. The sayings “still waters run deep,” “making waves,” and “a wellspring of emotion” are all used to describe our emotions in terms of the sea. They are momentous and fluid and all churn from within.

Our instincts, mood swings, and how we relate to one another are all influenced by the moon. The Sun is what gives us our spirit but it is the Moon that gives us our soul.

  1. All the Signs Represent Most People

When you look at your horoscope you’ve probably noticed that there are aspects from the other signs that fit you as well. This is because most people actually do have aspects of all the signs.

You might find that you relate to your planetary signs more than your zodiac signs. You may also lean more towards some of your house cups more than you relate to your rising sign as well. This is all the more reason to have your own horoscope chart made so you can see where you fit best.

You can find the 12 zodiac signs explained here and learn more about how they may relate to you.

  1. Mercury Does Not Go into Retrograde

When things seem to suddenly start falling apart, more often than not we like to blame it on Mercury Retrograde.

It turns out, however, that Mercury doesn’t actually go into retrograde at all.

In order to understand what is actually taking place, you will need to imagine traveling down a highway and looking out the window. As you pass cars that are moving slower in the other lanes it might look like they are moving backward when they are actually just moving at a different speed.

Mercury is moving in its orbit at a slower speed which gives it the illusion that it is moving backward but that is actually not the case.

  1. Sign Compatibility Isn’t Trustworthy

If you are looking to find the love of your life, you might be tempted to ask them what their sign is and then gauge whether or not they will be compatible with you. However, this sort of matchmaking has been found to be irrelevant and won’t actually mean you two are compatible.

A team at the University of Manchester conducted a study to see if marriages fared better or worse when their zodiac signs were deemed compatible or not. They found after analyzing 10 million marriages and using the U.K. census data to determine their birthdays, they found that astrological signs had no impact on whether or not the couple would stay married.

The study, however, didn’t take into account whether the couple was more likely to have been together knowing that their horoscope showed them as compatible or not, so it is unclear whether that had any effect.

Learn More Horoscope Facts Today!

Studying astrology to understand how it impacts your life has been a practice for thousands of years and will continue to thrive for those who are curious to learn more. Hopefully, you have enjoyed these horoscope facts and have learned a little bit more about the practice.

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