What Are the Advantages of Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management?

Hospitals today lack the tools they need to process critical business transactions because they use outdated IT business applications that work in silos and suffer from limited automation capabilities. They are unable to realize more revenues because they face incorrect coding issues and fail to meet insurance requirements upfront. Moreover, as unrealized AR continues to mount, healthcare providers are finding it increasingly difficult to run their operations when 40% of their budget is spent on administrative costs. This is where the facility of outsourcing comes to the rescue.

Outsourcing operational functions to vendors with state-of-the-art technology and specialized expertise helps hospitals improve their collections. It also grants providers greater bandwidth to focus on their core business, which is offering quality healthcare.

Some of the key benefits of RCM outsourcing include:

  1. Focus on High-Quality Patient Care: By outsourcing their RCM services to a third party vendor, healthcare practitioners can keep better tabs on ever-changing compliance regulations and focus on providing better patient care. Monitoring every aspect of RCM all the time will only serve to distract these healthcare providers from keeping their quality standards high with respect to medical intervention and diagnosis.
  2. Manage Fewer Staff: Revenue cycle management companies are well-versed in looking after everyday RCM activities, right from billing and registrations to reimbursement and patient check-ins and check-outs. This means that healthcare providers now require less staff to perform their day-to-day operational activities and can downsize their payroll and staff accordingly. Having fewer staff allows medical professionals to redivert their attention to their medical practice and better network with other healthcare professionals.
  3. Timely and Complete Reimbursements: Third-party RCM partners have professional billing experts that work round-the-clock to help ensure that you get timely reimbursements at a moment’s notice. These professionals verify and collect patient enrollment information, document treatments and diagnoses, verify insurance coverage, and generate the right medical codes for each procedure. There is very little room for errors when dedicated RCM outsourcing personnel handle every function outside the medical care arena. Healthcare providers can gain a deeper understanding of their earnings and revenues in real-time when outsourced RCM vendors provide in-depth reports of the dues realized in consistent intervals.
  4. Reduced Cash Flow Interruptions: Revenue cycle management companies are armed with high-quality hardware solutions and state-of-the-art software to handle all billing requirements with ease. Once all relevant documents are obtained from the medical practice, billing is carried out. All the necessary procedures from insurance verification to AR collections are closely followed up in the span of a day or two, which results in better cash flow. As doctors are relieved from the hassles of administrative work, they can now focus on providing a higher standard of medical care and engaging in professional learning activities, like networking or attending a seminar.
  5. Fewer Billing Errors: Revenue cycle management companies have cutting-edge technology and highly trained staff at their disposal, which means that an outsourcing vendor will never commit billing errors that would usually occur otherwise. Whether that be misspelling a patient name, entering wrong CPT codes, or billing a lower value than the actual reimbursement amount, outsourced RCM partners will ensure that all billing is error-free and complete. This ensures that healthcare facilities not only improve their payment collections, but also benefit from a better reputation as a result of their billing accuracy and efficiency.

Thus, revenue cycle management companies can help generate tangible results for healthcare providers to make them more efficient and guarantee a level of professionalism that is hard to beat.