How AI-Powered Speech Analytics is Launching Customer Experience to Another Level

New technology like AI and IoT are reshaping business. With the advent of AI-powered solutions, you get a better insight into the customer experience.

You can integrate an AI-powered call recording solution with your existing telephony system in hours. One Cloud-native SaaS is Atmos by CallCabinet, a feature-rich solution that delivers business-critical insights for businesses of any size.

Speech Analytics

Speech analytics is a technology that uses speech recognition, call tracking, and smart analytics. Combining various technologies gives you a chance to have more data, optimize your services, and achieve better performance.

Call tracking gave you a chance to keep your calls, listen and learn from them. However, with speech analytics, you get an insight into:

  • Common customer queries
  • Speech analysis
  • Employee performance

Using speech analytics helps you to understand what your customers need. And how they are asking for that.

With AI-powered solutions, you can use the data and implement it immediately. The AI for call recording works in real-time.

Use of AI in Call Recording

For call recording applications, AI solutions have several uses. Their primary role is to track speech patterns. However, AI solutions track performance and recognize relevant keywords.

AI follows specific speech patterns and measures how both your employee and the caller speak. The AI of today uses NLP or natural language processing.

These technologies help you to analyze speech and understand its components. You can track specific phrases. You get an insight into how your employees are speaking and how that affects the caller.

AI tracks your contact center performance to give you quality data for analytics. It helps to categorize your employees by their ability to reach work-specific goals.

Finally, it helps you to follow specific keywords. Keyword tracking and AI are becoming the standard for global enterprises and small businesses.

AI solutions make this possible. And, that opens up the possibility for even better features.

Speech Analytics Features

Depending on your integration, an AI-powered solution offers you different features. However, the primary set of features don’t change from integration to integration.

Speech Recognition is the crucial feature of the integration. It’s the fundamental application of call recording when you need advanced analytics. Also, it registers the emotional and logical aspects of the conversation.

Keyword Tracking is the next feature to pique your interest. Whether you sell products or services, your products have specific keywords to describe their features. It gives you insight into what your callers are looking for and what additional problems you can solve for them.

Using this data leads to proper work optimization. Data is available for sharing among decision-makers and team leaders. Check the performance of employees, give them new assignments, and organize your business.

Call Recording and Customer Experience

Now, you know what AI-powered speech analytics do for your business. It’s time to learn how you can use AI integration to improve customer experience.

Improving Customer Experience

When you want to improve customer experience, you want to focus on creating a better customer journey. You want users to call you and buy from you without problems.

Achieving that requires you to use the AI integration features. And even more so, to know how to use them.

Focus on Specific Keywords

So, let’s say you have products you have a hard time selling. Set the AI-powered speech analytics to track the keywords for that product.

Whenever someone says the keywords, the AI records that and sends you a notification. You can forward the call down

the pipeline and let a specific employee handle the incoming call.

Later, you can categorize the data by keywords use. Or, you can use another form of keyword listing,

Use it to check your sales performance, leads to a specific product, or another goal.

Anyhow, you get a direct insight into how your users are searching and asking for your products. Then, you can use that to improve your sales strategy, marketing, or improve your products.

Speech Analysis

Speech analysis is an excellent feature. It analyzes the speech patterns and emotional reactions of both parties in the call.

The AI shows you how users react to your employees. Also, it shows you how your employees present their offers and interact with potential customers.

Listening to their call recordings and tracking speech analysis gives you a chance to improve your offer. Sometimes, your employees lack soft skills to sell more.

And, you can find a new way to present your products to your customers. Meet them halfway and do more business.

Performance Optimization

The best thing to do for your users is to improve the overall performance in the call center. The call center is the first place users call to get more information about products.

When the user connects to the call center, put them into the pipeline and direct them to proper employees. Some employees are better at solving specific problems and tough users.

Achieve more by pairing up user’s needs with employees able to help with amazing customer service. And, speech analytics and AI allow you to enter the mind of the user.

Take that chance and improve your business.

Use Speech Analytics Integration

Speech analytics is a tech that’s going to stay. It’s a matter of principle whether you want to be a pioneer of this technology.

While it may be hard to start using the tech, don’t worry. Once you know how to use it, it’s going to exponentially improve your business.

Take that chance.