All about Social Security

Understand the basic registration processes for those who want to live in the United States

If you want to live in the United States and work or have a student life funded by an American university, then you need to understand how Social Security works, because it is a basic and indispensable requirement for anyone who wants to build a life in the US. Contrary to what many people think, Social Security doesn’t have any particular secrets and it’s easier than you think to get it.

Before making an application to get Social Security, it is necessary to understand what it is. Called the Social Security Number (SSN), or just Social Security, it is a registration number that gives the government access to the data of all US citizens or foreign nationals who have applied for the SSN. This registry allows people to access social services, apply for loans, legal work cards, among other things.

However, Social Security was not always so broad, in the beginning the idea was just for the government to monitor the financial gains of citizens; with the expansion of the service, the SSN guarantees several benefits granted by the United States government, but without losing its initial concept, so some people may even apply for a salary advance that complies with Social Security rules.

In this article, we will discuss the procedures for applying for Social Security, who can apply and how the entire bureaucratic process takes place. Keep an eye on our tips so that your SSN is made available as soon as possible, and so you will be recognized as a legal citizen in US territory with all your rights guaranteed.

Who can apply for the SSN

There are specifics for those who want to apply for Social Security, it is necessary to be an American citizen, so all people born in the United States have the SSN registration number. Foreigners can also have the SSN, but in some cases, for example, foreigners who live in the United States and have a Green Card, workers, foreigners who have a temporary visa to work in the US and exchange students.

How to request the SSN

There are two options for getting Social Security if you are a foreigner who wants to live in the United States. The first option is to make an application within your country. So, before traveling to the US, contact the US consulate or apply through the official government website, then you will need to fill in some immigrant visa documents. The second option is to apply in person, so you can travel and go to the Social Security office to get your registration number.

Some more details

It is important that your situation is legalized in the United States so that the process of obtaining the SSN is positive. In the case of immigrants, there can be no illegal entry into the country, connection with activities prohibited by the US government or procedural history that has not been fulfilled, for example, people sentenced to prison who are not serving their sentence.

We cover the main processes for obtaining the SSN and what are the rules for obtaining the number for foreign citizens who are planning to live, work or just study in the United States. If this is your case, then make your application and be as honest as possible when filling in the data, the government will check everything that has been written and said, so don’t try to omit anything, or this could jeopardize their situation and stay in the country.