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How To Build Chest Muscles At Home: Best Home Chest Workout

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Today, the popularity of gyms and training with iron has returned, the former are crowded, and the latter are the subject of frequent discussions on the net. To a greater extent, of course, fitness is in fashion, or rather a healthy lifestyle and a beautiful body. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to include training in the gym in their busy life schedule, but there are those who cannot afford to buy a subscription at all.

These guys should not despair, under certain conditions, you can train at home and train the chest as well. Moreover, having a small amount of sports equipment, you can perfectly build chest without leaving the apartment. But first things first.

From the very beginning, it is worth deciding on goals and opportunities.

If you decide to quickly get your breasts ready for the next beach season, you will have to grieve, in this article you will not see a secret super technique for pumping breasts in 7 days. And only because in real life such does not exist.

Quickly only in the movies, if you want massive layers on the chest – you need to work hard!

But there are simple and working training schemes that allow you to progress regardless of whether you train at home, in the gym or in the garage. It should be understood that if we want to seriously add muscle mass, then for this we should engage intensively and the muscles must receive the necessary stress in order to grow. If the goal is simply to keep fit, then here are completely different tasks and a couple of simple exercises that can be done in the mornings 15 minutes before leaving for work or study are enough.

What Is Needed For Chest And Shoulder Workout At Home

You want the pectoral muscles to grow, so they need to provide such stress so that they want to grow. Since the beginning of bodybuilding, this stress has been measured in the number of repetitions in exercises and amounted to 6-10 repetitions in the working approach, it is this mode that allows you to effectively increase volumes. This is due to the fact that in a given repetition mode, you can work with a sufficiently large weight. And the greater the working weight, the greater the number of muscle fibers involved and damaged, which causes their growth.

Here, the math is simple, to ensure the growth of the pectoral muscles, you need to choose those exercises in which you can perform 6-10 repetitions in one working approach at maximum intensity, when the last repetition is at its limit.

These exercises include:

  • Dumbbell press;
  • Push-ups on bars with weight;
  • Lying dumbbell fly;

You ask – where are the push-ups? And there are no push-ups here, as, try to create the push-ups from the floor with the load described above. Of course, you can refine yourself and put on your back various weights in the form of water bottles, pancakes or a backpack with books. But the exhaust from this will be far from the same as from working with heavy dumbbells or push-ups on bars with weight. Therefore, pumping up the chest with dumbbells and push-ups on the bars is much easier and more real.

Therefore, if you want to progress well at home, then running into sporting goods for a pair of heavy dumbbells, 35-45 kg per one dumbbell will be just right. And yes, dumbbells must be collapsible in order to regulate and gradually increase working weight. Also, the hinged bars will not be superfluous. Perhaps you already have a Swedish wall with one, then consider yourself the owner of a universal simulator for building strong and massive pectoral muscles read About Stanozolol injection on So, how to pump up the chest at home can be on the same bars, provided that we work with weights.

Do you want to pump up push-ups – running on the Internet for a super technique, want to grow chest – buy heavy dumbbells.

For all other options, that is, when there is absolutely no sports equipment, there is only one thing left – to push up from the floor.