Speed Up Your Breakfast Preparation with These Tips

Nutritionists and health professionals say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What they do not tell us is how to make breakfast faster as morning routines are usually so busy. Preparing to go to work, packing, getting the children ready for school can all be quite hectic. However, there are speedy hacks for your breakfast and with these; you can have piping hot, fresh and nutrient-packed breakfast every morning.

Prepare What You Can The Night Before

You can prepare some of the things that you will use for the morning the night before. That will make everything easier for you. If you would like to eat fresh bread for breakfast, set your bread machine such that it starts baking automatically at the set time. That way, the fresh aroma of bread is going to wake you up in the morning. You can also prepare batter for making pancakes the night before. Find out other foods that you can prepare the night before so that you just have to warm them up in the morning. That way, you will save yourself some precious time.

Use Various Tools

From coffee and spice grinders to fruit slicers, you need to try and use any many of these tools to save your time as you can. If you take some kind of bread in your breakfast, you many need a cutting board and a fine bread cutting knife. You can use these bread slicers as well.

Store Pancake In A Bottle

In the cooking process of pancakes, pouring the batter and spreading it seems to take the most time. When you keep your batter in a bottle, you can make that easier as you would just have to squeeze it out onto the pan. This can save you some precious time. You can spread the batter easily with a large spoon. For the kids, using a bottle will also enable you to spread the batter in a fancy way, making nice looking designs.

Use A Coffeemaker With A Timer To Wake You Up

Just as you can use a bread machine with a timer to start baking automatically, you can also buy a coffeemaker with a timer. You just need to get all the ingredients ready the night before and pour them into the coffeemaker the night before, then enter your settings. As soon as the time arrives, the coffeemaker turns itself on and starts making coffee. Even if you have to report to work early, you can grab a cup of hot coffee on your way out to work. There is no better to wake up in the morning than to rise to the smell of fresh coffee that is piping hot and ready for you.

Stock Up Your Fridge With The Best Foods

Keep your fridge full of healthy foods, vegetables and even fruits. That way, you will never have to miss breakfast on account of your fridge being empty. Anything that can be kept in a jar and be frozen is good to eat. Many people think that frozen fruits and vegetables lose their nutritional value but that is not the truth. Once you unfreeze these foods, they release their nutrients and when you eat them, they will be as fresh as if you just picked them from the garden. Meats, chicken and fish can also be kept refrigerated and marinated, ready for fast-cooking when you need to eat in a hurry. You can also refrigerate bread.

Handle Double Tasks At The Same Time

Find out what two things you can cook together. If you can make pancakes while the coffee boils, do it. That way, you will cook two things at the same time, and you will save time. You can set some foods to cook in the microwave as you cook others on the stovetop.

Make Scrambled Eggs In The Microwave

Nutritious and fast to make, scrambled eggs need not take a lot of your time if you cook them in the microwave. In fact, they will cook even better than when you use the stove top. In less than three minutes, you can have your scrambled eggs ready and waiting for you. To make the eggs fluffy, first whisk them with a dash of milk and put them in the microwave. Cook for about 50 seconds, take them out and stir, then return to the microwave to cook fully.

Make Frozen Burritos For Breakfast

Burritos freeze nicely and so you can even make what you would need for a whole week on Sunday. You can reheat the burritos in the microwave to eat them for breakfast. Make as many as you can because they keep fresh for up to three weeks, so you do not have to worry that you have to take burritos every morning.