Common Career Goals and Jobs That Fit

black background with yellow text overalyWhen you started your career, you might not have been considering personal lifestyle goals. However, no matter where you are on your career trajectory, it is not too late to make your job fit into your life better. You may have many career goals, and depending on which ones are most important, there are a few careers to consider.

Switching to a New Career

Depending on the area you want to switch to, you may need to think about getting additional training to increase your chances of landing a job that fits with your needs. This may take the form of professional development, networking events, or even another degree. If you are considering going back to school, you can make things easier on your bank account by taking out a student loan to cover the cost.

Have More Family Time

If you have kids, you likely do everything you can to ensure you aren’t missing important milestones because of work. If you are looking for more time to go on vacation or spend time with your kids, you may want to get into freelancing. Working as an independent contractor means you get to set your own schedule, decide how much you want to work, and accept and reject work on your own terms. You could also look into customer service, especially since many positions allow you to work from home. IT can also be done remotely, freeing up valuable time. Of course, some of these positions may come with lower pay or no employee benefits. If switching careers isn’t for you, you may want to talk with your boss about working longer days so you don’t have to come in as much. You may able to negotiate a hybrid or fully remote position.

Higher Income

Many personal development goals are related to finances and financial stability. If your current job doesn’t pay enough to help you make ends meet, you might have tried side hustling or tightening up the budget. But working more and cutting back on spending can only go so far, and it can leave you feeling burnt out in the process. Healthcare and technology are both high-paying fields that have potential for growth. Surgeons often have high salaries. Just know that a higher paycheck often means longer hours and more stress.

Helping Other People

If you feel like your work isn’t that meaningful, you may want to pivot to something that allows you to help other people so you can make a difference in their lives. Public service would be a good industry for you. Whether it’s teaching, fighting fires, or enforcing the law, jobs in public service can lead to better job satisfaction. If taking a pay cut to enter one of these careers is not for you, you may still be able to do some volunteer work. Getting involved with your community when you are not working can help you make valuable contributions, increasing your general satisfaction. Volunteer work can sometimes turn into full-time, paid work.


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