Common Misconceptions on Smart Drugs for the Brain

Science fiction movies are being made since years for the sake of understanding technology and introducing fresh ideas related to it. The increased popularity of the movies that are made with an unrealistic subject which has never been witnessed in the history proves the fact that the audience wishes to see what human mind is capable by emerging with technology.

Limitless in an American film released in 2011 in the science and fiction genre which is also a thriller. The movie revolves around a writer who is struggling hard to achieve his writing goals by managing his life with the ideal financial resources. However, he fails to do so because as passionate he was about his profession, his mental abilities could not match the caliber required to achieve the goal.

Hence, he was introduced with a magic pill by someone in the social circle. After its consumption, his mental and physical conditions observed a drastically positive change in which he was able to write more efficiently, quickly, strongly, and also physically perform well in the daily house chores.

The reality behind the magic pill

The fact that the lead of the movie Limitless was found to be extra energetic and mentally smart after consuming the magic pill raised a lot of the questions related to its reality. Here are some of the facts that explain the actual truth behind the magic pill.

  1. Science fiction movies are always made with some advanced approach based on non-reality in which whatever that is pictured does not actually exist in reality.
  2. However, there are chances that the scientists are working on the subject to turn it into a reality for an improved condition of the state.
  3. The case of the magic pill is somewhat similar. After the release of the film, the magic pill was being searched by a great number of people who wished to operate like the film’s hero.
  4. Hence, some pharmaceutical companies constructed a formula with the help of the scientists and created the magic pill, known as the brain supplements.
  5. The brain pills do not exactly work like the magic pill in the movie but it sure helps in increasing the mental/physical focus and energy required for speedy processing of the daily tasks.
  6. The brain supplements are said to have some side-effects just like in the movie, however, as mentioned above, the brain pills do not actually work the same. Hence, the side-effects are still unknown with some amazing benefits that allow the person to operate smartly with an increased human power.

Benefits of the brain supplements

  • Improved memory.
  • Increased concentration in the most complicated of tasks.
  • Stimulates the mental and physical energy for an improved performance.
  • Proves to be beneficial for a healthy mental state without causing any side-effects.
  • Related to the magic pill for the energy and focus highlighted in the movie, for all the right reasons.

The magic pill in the movie Limitless was nothing more than a fiction created by the makers. However, the human effort to turn it into a reality has so far been successful with the brain supplements producing similar benefits without any significant side-effects reported to date. If you’re interested, check out this post by Brain Sparklers where they cover nearest brain nootropic supplements to this Limitless pills.