What You Need To Know About Corporate Finance Jobs

The vast majority of worker finance professionals will usually begin their career within professional services such as an external auditor or go directly into corporate finance working as an executive or analyst. Some may begin working with a corporate finance advisory firm, private equity firm, or an investment bank.

There are those within the professional services that come to a stage in their career when they wonder what they should do next, is it in their best interest to move to a private equity or a corporate finance advisory.

Corporate Finance In Professional Services

While corporate finance is typically not the core business it is an essential part of professional services that does bring in large amounts of revenue, in addition to providing additional service lines for the customers as well as loyalty to the firm. Larger firms have taken notice of this and realized how essential a corporate finance team can be.

The corporate finance umbrella can be rather large to say the least and it is going to vary between firms, however, it will usually include, debt advisory, mergers and acquisitions and transaction services.

The Benefits

One of the main benefits of choosing a career in the professional services field is that you will go through ACA qualifications which is going to make you more valuable in the business world and stands out greatly on a resume. However, it is important to understand that the ACA is not essential to become successful with corporate finance, in fact, more individuals are taking the CFA as an alternative or in conjunction with the ACA.

Aside from the big four, transactions are usually midmarket and will range between £5m – £500m, then you typically work with owner managed businesses, private equity firms, management teams and SME’s. The environment in this field is fast-paced, forward-thinking and entrepreneurial, with the ability to work is creative and interesting people.

Features of Working Professional Services Include:

  • Training and a variety of opportunities for progression
  • A wide variety of work with various clients and sectors, with the ability to specialize in a particular sector that you enjoy most
  • Larger firms with a stronger pipeline of transactions with a corporate finance team
  • When working with the brand it is going to bring a greater reputation as well as the possibility for increased pipeline
  • A “boutique feel” while working with the security and support of a wider firm
  • Excellent benefits that include health, pension, flexible working and up to 25 days annual leave

In fact, the vast majority of firms have begun to offer flexible working as well as a better work-life balance.

There are many professional service firms that have limited or no corporate finance offer and in these are the ones you want to seek out. You have the ability to work with a “startup” environment as well as having the resources and security of a much wider firm in the background. These opportunities are becoming more available at a readily pace as well as sought after with the ability to shape the future.

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