Dad Design – 6 Tips For Personalising Your New Nursery

Are you an expecting dad? It’s an exciting time, and while your partner may have to go through pregnancy, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get nesting yourself from the get-go. A baby’s nursery is an important room for the first few years of their life. It’s where they’ll sleep, play and rest.

So if you’re about to begin working on your nursery, you’ll probably need some design inspiration. So in this useful article, we’re going to explore some dad design and go through six tips for personalising your new nursery.

Get a Laser Cut Name Sign

You’ll want to reach out to a laser cutting service to create a personalised name sign for your new baby. Laser-cut wood is trending at the moment and is a brilliant way to add that personal touch to your new child’s room. You can even have some lovely touches of design added to the sign as well, for a nice added effect.

Create a Mood Board for Inspiration

The first thing you should do after your laser cut name sign is to create a mood board to guide your design choices. This way you can try out how certain colours, decorations and styles make you feel before you commit to anything.

Pick your favourite combination from the mood board after you’ve tried a few different combinations.

Safety First

Although you want your baby’s nursery to be stylish and trendy, you don’t want to make it so at the risk of any health and safety hazards.

For instance, your cot needs to be an approved size and standard to prevent any safety issues while the baby is sleeping. Check with your government authority on these specifications, or check on the cot manufacturer’s website.

Also, ensure a safe zone near the cot by keeping it away from heaters, lights, wall decorations and any cords.

Get Wall Stickers

Rather than wallpaper or permanent decorations affixed to the wall, consider vinyl wall stickers for decorations. This means that if your baby grows out of a phase or develops different interests as they get older, you can update the room with new wall stickers.

Be Considered With Your Paint Selection

You’re going to want to choose a soft, calm palette for the nursery. You want the room to be a soothing place of rest for both the child and yourself and your partner. So, neons are out and soft tones are in.

Don’t Overdo It

There are that many baby decorations and nursery products on the market that you might get tempted to go all out. Yet you should reign in the temptation to pack your nursery to the brim with decorations. Less is more sometimes, so don’t overdo anything.

A Cute Conclusion

Get a laser cut name sign for your child for a stylish statement, and then start creating a mood board to guide your further design decisions. Always consider safety when choosing and placing your cot. Get some wall stickers instead of permanent wall decorations, and carefully consider your paint scheme. Finally – don’t overdo it, sometimes less is more.