boy in orange crew neck t-shirt standing in front of white wooden table with cupcakes

Educational Games for Kids

boy in orange crew neck t-shirt standing in front of white wooden table with cupcakesWe’ve collected the best games from for you and your kids. Here they are!

1. 1001 Jigsaw World Tour: France

This game is a template jigsaw puzzle with the theme of a tour of France. This is a fascinating journey through the most romantic and attractive country in the world. Collect a mosaic of many fragments and enjoy the stunning atmosphere of France.

Such puzzles contribute to the development of attention, logical thinking and memory; form and develop imaginative thinking and imagination.

The rules are unchanged, as in all similar games. We collect a picture from the puzzle pieces by selecting the desired settings.

You will immerse yourself in the culture and architecture: the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Palace of Versailles, the Cote d’Azur and other attractions. You can get acquainted with the history, traditions and national cuisine without leaving the monitor screen.

Only here and now you can play this game and relax without leaving home.

2. Find the Candy

This game is suitable for those who like to solve difficult tasks. In the presented locations, you will look for a candy that will be hidden more carefully with each level. It will be located among various furniture and objects in a large house. Move books, unlock chests, collect gifts and more to find that candy!

In addition to candy, you need to find three more items – three stars, which will help you earn even more points. But to make the game more interesting, the developers decided to complicate the task and tried to hide not only the colorful candy, but the stars, without which the passage of the game will be impossible.

This game develops mindfulness and concentration, the ability to observe, visually perceive the forms and key features of objects.

3. Cooking Trip: Back on the Road

Mary and John, who have realized their dream and opened their own restaurant, decide to take part in a competition of restaurateurs among newcomers. But their opponents were too strong. Our heroes, having decided to take revenge, go on a new journey, in search of secret culinary secrets. What lies ahead for them?

This game develops tactical, logical and strategic thinking, inventing various tactics.

In order to achieve the desired results, you need to make a clear plan of action, think about tactics, and make important decisions. All these actions in the game allow you to be more reasonable in real life.

Prove to everyone that you are the best! Discover the innermost secrets of cooking and surpass your rivals.

4. Crown of the Empire

This is entertaining time management game. Besides, it is from the simulator genre.

The life of the queen’s first lady-in-waiting is full of dangerous tasks and unexpected assignments. While most of the ladies-in-waiting are enjoying life, collecting gossip and plotting, the main character of this story, Elena, is searching for ancient relics and shrines.

One of her last tasks was to rescue symbols of the power of rulers of various eras that had disappeared from the National Museum. You will go together with Elena on an amazing adventure through the alternative world of the Victorian era!

The game Crown of the Empire has an intriguing plot, full of mystical events and spy secrets. The main task is to run and complete missions.

Go with Elena and her team on this amazing journey and help them overcome all the challenges.

This game develops dexterity, quick reaction, the ability to quickly navigate in difficult situations.

5. Mahjong World Contest 2

This is an encumbering free mahjong game.

The main character is a mahjong lover. He decides to take part in the world tournament, which is divided into several rounds. In order to participate in the next round, you need to score a certain rating.

At each level, you need to move the gold chips. This game has a huge variety of levels, so you will definitely not lose interest.

Your achievements are reflected in the ranking, which is in the fight for the Champions League!

This game develops logic and ingenuity.