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Everything you need to know about moving abroad

brown cardboard boxes on brown wooden tableSo you’re planning to move abroad? You should be happy! Are you scared? We don’t blame you. The thought of leaving your comfort zone and moving to a new location does seem daunting. A lot can go wrong, especially if you’re not well prepared. It is important to plan ahead to make your transition as smooth as possible.

It is always recommended to let experts handle the documentation and other details for you, you can get in touch with reliable London immigration lawyers to help make your move seamless.

Don’t worry though, thousands of people move to new locations every day. It may seem really easy to buy a plane ticket and have the privilege to do so but that isn’t the case. There are many details that need to be sorted out before you move. Many people dream about moving to places like the U.S. However, each country has their own sets of requirements and challenges. So, once you have decided to take the leap, the next step is to research the stuff you need and the requirements you need to fulfil.

We’ve compiled a list of essentials that should definitely be on your to-do list:

1. Apply for a visa

This is one of the most important things you can do before moving to another country if you want to go there! You need to know where you are going now; Maybe you got a job or have gotten into a major university abroad or were able to obtain a cool vacation visa exchange program that allows you to stay abroad all year long.

However, it is time to apply for that visa, which is a long process, so give yourself plenty of time! Be prepared to fill out certain forms and fill them out again; There is no way around the various red-tape requirements that are different for each country.

Your application will ask you for personal information, how you’re going to be able to afford your stay, and any travel and accommodation arrangements you have made so far – all of which we will include in this checklist.

2. Buy plane tickets

Another important thing on your immigration checklist is that you can buy your plane well in advance of the departure date, especially if you can get good benefits. Search on websites such as, Expedia and Orbitz to get the best prices.

You can also change your dates, to get early tickets as soon as possible. Once you have set a travel date, your travel time will begin, which will help you check your complete checklist to get abroad faster!

Flight ticket prices usually go up within 4 weeks from departure, so even if you wait until the “last minute” you should have 4 weeks to prepare for your big move.

3. Choose your new city and explore it

You may have your visa and your plane ticket, perhaps in the capital of the country’s largest city, but depending on your situation and how convenient you are, you do not have to stay there! If you are not associated with a school or a career, you can choose cities in your destination country – where to start ?!

Time to do some research, scroll down on TripAdvisor, check out Facebook’s external groups, check out your friends there, and use Google. All of this will help you to experience beautiful places.

In the end, you have to trust your courage and choose the place that seems feasible, but once you have a little time to go there and explore, you can pick and choose whenever you want.

If your destination is already set as a stone, now is the time to explore, enjoy and make a list of things to see and do after the cut; Google Maps is a great tool for this.

4. Start the packaging process in advance!

Depending on how long you want to stay out of the country, making a checklist for essentials can be easy or challenging. Do you have a trustworthy family member who can store things for you or your old room when you return? If you’re planning on moving there for good, you need to locate shipping options.

That was all from our guide to moving abroad. If you consider the above-mentioned things then we are sure the procedure will be much smoother for you. Get prepared for a major transition and explore the local culture, incredible cuisine and everything else that your destination has to offer!