Forest Appreciation


I shall come back to this forest again
with a very good camera,
before those tiny, graceful, but shy flowers, hiding behind the bushes or under the bridge fade away.
Before the heavy rains
sweep them away,
I should hurry up
and acquire a very good camera,
to capture the minute details
of unknown beauty…
in botanical books or gardens,
never sold at stores,
never found
on any famous painting;
too unimportant,
too small,
too shy,
to pose boldly
under the clear, pink, blue sky..
hiding behind some shrub or a very thick tree just waiting their life cycle to end meaninglessly.
I want to capture every detail,
of their frail beauty,
their silent grace and harmony.

Hey you!
Sorry, I don’t even know your names…
You, over there, tiny yellow, white, purple flowers, were you always there, or did you just come out this spring?
Why, my foolish eyes did not notice you before?
Was I too lost in my trivial, daily sorrows?
Was my mind too clouded by ugliness– too abundant?
Hadn’t I decided to seek only beauty,
concentrate on beauty

and so
have enough strength
to face each day, with a new energy?

Yes I must run now.
Get a camera very soon
and come back to this very forest…
and capture the beauty of these unknown flowers before they fade away with unexpected rains!
Put them in some simple frames,
yet, they will look so priceless
when I hang them on my walls!
Yes, they will cheer up, my entire family and friends during any dark, gloomy day or night when we can not enjoy outdoors or wonderful sunlight.

Some viewers might shrug their shoulders, some might smirk but I know, some will admire them and think why haven’t I noticed those before?

Maybe, next spring or summer,
they, too, will walk in a forest
with a silent respect and appreciation
and seek some tiny flowers
which they’ve never done before,
Then, they, too will hear an invisible little bird singing his heart out loud, and others whispering quietly, in spite of crows cackling noisily, and then, they too will think respectfully…
Maybe there is a mastermind
behind all this chaos, after all!

By Hülya Oyman (Replace # with @)