How Does Parenting Change With Twins?

Discovering that you’re expecting twins can be equally as exciting as it is nervewracking. Twice the amount of diaper changes, two mouths to feed, twice as many clothes to buy… The list is endless. Sure raising twins is difficult at the start but don’t panic, it does get easier. Watching your babies grow together, hit milestones together, and bond makes it all worth it.

Throughout your time raising twins you will face some real challenges. There will be many things that you will not expect. Here are 4 things to anticipate before welcoming your twins to the family.

Increased challenges during pregnancy

Having one pregnancy that results in two babies is a real blessing. Unfortunately, the consequences of a two-for-one pregnancy can take a real toll on your body.

Twin pregnancies come with increased risks and complications such as decreased birth weight and premature labour.

When carrying twins you may experience significant morning sickness, increased weight gain, heartburn, and stretch marks that can last a lifetime.

For the health of you and your babies, you should find an obstetrician in your area that has experience with twin pregnancies.

Financial stress

Twins can come with increased costs. Be prepared to fork out for twice the amount of diapers, vaccinations, medical bills and college costs.

Fortunately for twin parents, there are many products available that cater to twins. This means you will not have to buy two of everything. Products such as twin prams, twin feeding pillows and twin baby carriers can ease the financial strain put on twin parents.

Diapers can be incredibly expensive. Especially when you consider how many diapers your babies go through each day. If you are using disposable diapers you will be spending a significant amount of money on diapers in the first few years. If you would like to create less waste and spend less you can always consider purchasing reusable cloth diapers.

For clothes, your babies can share one another’s outfits and they can also use hand-me-downs from older siblings, family and friends. Babies grow out of clothes very quickly so try to invest too much money in clothes in the first few years. However, when it comes to safety, beware of older dangerous baby products.

Lack of sleep

Even if you have a solid routine and sleep schedule there will be times where one is asleep and one is awake. An added challenge is that if one cries they have the risk of waking the other one up. Meaning that you have two babies to settle and get back to sleep rather than one.

In the first few years, you will need a solid support system. If you have a supportive partner try to share the workload so that both of you are able to get some sleep.

If you are lucky enough to have close-knit family and friends don’t be afraid to ask for help. Most of your close family and friends should be more than happy to help and will be happy to spend time with your babies.

Finding enough time in the day

Even if you have the help from your family and friends there will be times when you feel like there isn’t enough time to do everything.

When there are two babies to change, feed, bathe, burp and out to sleep, there will be hardly any time left to bond with them.

If you find yourself struggling to juggle two babies there are many things you can do. A powerful tool for twin rearing will be a solid routine. Try to get your babies on the same sleep and feeding schedules. This means that you can feed your babies at the same time and put them to sleep at the same time. This means you can take advantage of the rare moments when they are both asleep and you can finally have some alone time!

Yes, raising twins will be nearly twice as hard but it will also be twice as rewarding watching your babies grow together. Good luck and enjoy your the chaos that is raising twins. You will miss it when they’re older.