How to create your own clothing production?

Clothing was, is and will be one of the most popular products. Despite the fact that clothing is a basic human need, it is also a way of expressing oneself. As the demand on fashionable clothes is rather high, many designers want to launch their own clothing brand.

Where to start?

Any business starts with an idea, so does the production of clothing. If you have a great concept, but you don’t know where to start, special creative platforms will help in the implementation of this idea. For example, Club Debut is a company that provides a full range of creative services for business development, including clothing production.

Club Debut is a group of creative professionals, including fashion designers, photographers, graphic designers and others, who will help create a clothes collection of your dreams.

Club Debut Services

With Club Debut membership, you get access to the company’s resources, as well as a team of specialists to implement your business idea.

We offer several levels of membership:

  • Prestige member
  • Nylon member
  • Silk member
  • Cashmere member
  • Empire member

Each of the levels is different by access to the Club Debut resource base. To determine which level suits you, you can sign up for a consultation.

Club Debut has its own production, which allows you to create a collection based on customer preferences. The company works with many designers and artists who are interested in creating products for your brand.

Also, in Club Debut it is possible to create not only your own clothing production, but also a merch for your company or brand. There are two options for creating a merch:

Physical Merch is the creation of unique products for your brand. The company will create samples and prototypes of merch specifically for you.

Digital Merch: your brand’s merch can also be integrated into the digital environment, for example, using NFT.

Clothing production is a great idea for business implementation. Join Club Debut and get access to various resources, programs, special events, opportunities for professional development and other resources. We will help you implement your ideas and develop your business.