How to Make Money by Blogging

Making money by blogging has captured the interest of many in recent years. Some earn a full-time living blogging, making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. The very highest earners make millions. However, the vast majority are content to earn smaller amounts and supplement their primary source of income.

Reasons to Blog

While money may be your primary motivation to blog, there are other benefits. Blogging allows you to express yourself, by sharing your opinion, being creative, helping others, and offering a unique perspective on something. It can also add some variety to your day to day life to have the opportunity to write.

As you build a following, it can expand your opportunities. You could launch other outlets through social media such as through Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. If you are successful enough, you could consider writing a book. You can build a brand name that can open other options beyond blogging.

How to Make Money

There are multiple ways to make money blogging. A very common approach is advertising products and services from others. This can be done through advertising networks like Google Adsense, or affiliate programs such as Amazon and CJ Affiliate. If your blog is popular enough, you also may be able to sell direct advertising, as well as sponsored posts.

You can also make money by selling your own products or services. For example, an e-book, training course, private membership, or specific products you ship.

Another method is to get paid to write for other people’s blogs and websites. There are many websites that connect authors with those needing specific type of writing.

Building Your Blog

Take the technical side of your blog seriously- changing things later can be difficult and disruptive. Of particular importance is selecting your domain name, you do not want to change this later. Pick a domain name that is easy for people to remember, catchy, and fits the theme of your blog.

Also, be careful in selecting how you host your blog. WordPress is a safe choiceyou’re your blogging software. What type of hosting service do you want, will it perform adequately? Can the performance be scaled up if your blog is successful? What level of technical support can you get? There are hosting services that specialize in WordPress to make things easier, however may limit you to only WordPress. Shared hosting services are an option however it can also limit options and performance can be impacted by other customers. For the highest level of performance and control, look to a VPS or dedicated server or ensure your hosting company has the ability to upgrade your service.

Be sure you have nailed down who will keep your blogging software, theme and add-ins updated, whether it’s you, a service provider, or someone you know. Failure to do this can open the door to hackers who can destroy your blog. For that reasons, also be sure you are making periodic backups of your blog.

Building an Audience

This is the hardest part. You will need to write things that people want to read, is written well, and is concise and compelling to read. People have short attention spans on the Internet. Patience is very important- it may take a long time before you build enough of an audience to make money. While you will want to use search engine optimization techniques to build traffic and possibly paid advertising, the expression “content is king” is true. Attracting visitors to your blog is pointless if you they don’t want to read your posts. Find someone that will read your blog postings and give honest advice on making it better.

Don’t overlook the look and feel of your blog. An amateur looking site will cause many to immediately lose interest. Take the time to select and configure a good blog template, which might mean paying for a professional template. Look at other blogs for ideas. Get feedback from others. Make use of graphics in the home page, embedded within posts, and use thumbnails. There are sites such as Unsplash where you can download free images to use in your blog.

Don’t overdo the use of ads, that will deter visitors as well. You may want to avoid any ads at all while building an audience, so that visitors will not feel the only purpose of the blog is to sell them something.

Retaining an Audience

When someone visits your blog, you want them to return. One way to do this is to establish a newsletter that you send out periodically, that reminds them of you and notifies them of your latest posts. You can entice them to sign up by offering something free, such as an e-book you could write.

Another method is getting people to follow you on one or more social media accounts. Use those to announce new blog posts. Do this both directions so social media feeds your blog and vice-versa. Create branding for yourself with a catchy logo or name for your blog.

Choosing Topics

It’s best if your blogging has a theme. The best success often comes by focusing on a niche that is not extremely competitive. It’s also best if it’s a topic you have knowledge about and/or a passion for. However, making the topic too narrow may also limit your options. The theme of your blog should be carefully thought about before you launch it and before you select your domain name. If you pick a broad theme, you can divide your blog by categories.

Be sure to conduct adequate research when you do posts. Cite or link where you got the information, give examples, and provide detail. General statements that are obvious, simple or which most know already is a good way to cause someone to lose interest. Also use a catchy post title to get them interested.


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