How to Stop Being Racist by Conquering Your Fear

Racism is one of the things that are often learned in childhood and therefore are both unconscious and uncontrolled in adulthood. But, if you’ve reached the point where you understand that and want to change, you are already halfway to success. At this time, you’ll need to make a conscious effort to change your learned ways and to do that, you’ll need to confront and conquer the fear that usually serves as the basis of racism.

Of course, there is also the matter of state-sponsored racism, which is much harder to deal with because it comes with vast amounts of propaganda. This means that it will be much harder to stop being racist if you are part of a society where this is or even was a sanctioned policy. In these cases, propaganda reaches such levels that people are all but indoctrinated with fear and subsequent hatred. You can see the results of the devastation that the exploitation of these fears can bring in exhibits of the Auschwitz museum. Nothing can justify this kind of atrocity, right?

By answering “yes” you already are taking the most important step away from racism forced upon your mind by propaganda. In fact, the shock of seeing the very depths of depravity that this kind of racism can reach can be exactly what a person needs to overcome the “brainwashing”. Therefore, this should be your first step on the road of fighting racism. So, mark it down as step one “to visit a museum that shows what xenophobia can result in to see something that truly should be feared”.

How to Stop the Racist in You in Two Simple Steps

Analyze yourself to find the source of racism

Sit down with a sheet of paper and a pen and do some thorough self-analysis. Analyze your exact reactions and feelings in any episode where you got racist thoughts and break them down as you would a LEGO castle. Take it down piece by piece until you identify every deep thought and subconscious reaction.

Now, what exactly is the cause of your racism?

In the majority of cases, it all boils down to the inherent fear of all that’s different. But sometimes it’s a learned fear, like if your parents told you that gypsies steal children when you were young and that idea imprinted on your subconscious. While no two stories are identical, there is a prevalent opinion that racism has roots in fear of the unknown. Therefore, conquering fears is the key to overcoming this blight on our society and, hopefully, forging a better future for the entire human race. When you know exactly what that fear is, you can move on to the next step.

Rationalize, or how to beat your fear with logic

Fear is so powerful a motivator because it’s literally wired into out hindbrain. It’s the trigger for the most powerful of instincts, which is survival. Therefore, it’s impossible to get rid of fear itself.

Instead, you need to focus on proving to your mind that this is not something it should fear in the first place. This is where rationalization will be your most powerful weapon.

Logic itself might not be enough in this case. For example, let’s think back on that “gypsies steal kids”. Do you really think that a whole nationality can be kidnappers? If so, why aren’t all child kidnapping cases solved immediately, after all, one only needs to find the gypsies, right?

As you can see, those deep-seated fears cannot hold up to logical arguments, but that’s nearly enough to penetrate your subconscious. Therefore, you need to make it your business to research the matter and all studies related to it. Simply put, line up some irrefutable arguments and repeat them over an over. As the fear formed gradually so you will be able to wear it down with constant logical reminders that there is nothing to fear.


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