Jason Webb, Milwaukee-based Pastor and Public Speaker, Encourages Us to Let Love Win

In this article Jason Webb – a Milwaukee-based pastor and public speaker, talks about how we often let fear, hate, and doubt get in the way of feeling God’s love for all of us, and encourages us to let love win.

What is winning in your life?

Fear. For some of us, we would have to say fear. For years we have been paralyzed by fear of not getting what we want or losing what we have. Now, in a global pandemic laced with uncertainty, our fears grip us even tighter than before. Oftentimes our fear drives us. It drives us to work harder and longer than ever before. It drives us to be overly protective of the people we love. It drives us to always try to

Hate. Recent racial unrest has displayed how often hate has won in our society. Yet this hate is not only in racial relations, but it also goes to all our relationships. I know this. For years I carried around hate for people who said they were for me but turned their back on me. Just the thought of them shot venom through my soul. I would replay what they did, what they said, and argue with them in my mind. Minutes would go by, sometimes hours, sometimes days where I was consumed with a desire for revenge, a need to prove myself right. But the hate that wins more than the hate we have for others is the hate we have for ourselves. We, of course, would not say it this way but there are things about ourselves that we hate: our failures, our looks, our darkest secrets.

Doubt. We doubt ourselves. We wonder if we really have what it takes to make it in this world. The confidence we once had has now been shaken. Dreams have become just that, dreams far beyond reality. We struggle with our job and doubt our competence. We struggle with our kids and doubt if we will ever be good parents. We doubt everything. Most of all, we doubt God. We wonder if he really does care for us. Sure we know that he cares for other people, after all, look at their lives, but not us. We don’t get a blessing like everyone else. Doubt wins.

For years, I let fear, hate, and doubt win. They controlled me, ruled me. For years I looked for something bigger to win. All along the answer was right in front of me. It was an answer that seemed simple, too simple.

The answer is love.

We need to let love win.

Not our love, but the love God has for us. The love that tells us we matter, no questions asked. We don’t have to achieve it, prove it, get it. It is given to us because we are his kids. He loves us unconditionally, recklessly.

When you allow this love to overtake you, it changes everything. This is what I have just started to experience in the last two years.

I have started to let love win.

Some days fear, hate, and doubt score points but most days love wins the game. There is freedom and joy that I never had. I finally sleep well at night because I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that no matter what life is throwing at me, no matter how many failures I may have, no matter what anybody else says…I am loved.

And so are you.

So will you let love win?

Let God’s love save you

when you can’t save yourself

Let God’s love forgive you

when you don’t think you can be forgiven.

Let God’s love protect you

when lies try to destroy you.

Let God’s love carry you

when you can’t go any further.

Let God’s love define you

when you don’t know who you are.

Let God’s love strengthen you

when you are scared of what’s next.

Let Love Win.

About Jason Webb

Jason Webb is a Milwaukee-based entrepreneur and movement leader with extensive experience in establishing, leading, and staffing domestic and international non-profit organizations. He has led multimillion-dollar fundraising campaigns and managed complex budgets. Mr. Webb has worked with Elmbrook Church, Brooklife Church, Nairobi Chapel, James Place, and recently became a Team Manager and Groups Director for Great Lakes Church in Kenosha, Wisconsin.