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How to Keep Your Team’s Motivation Levels High on a Long PRINCE2 Project

people on conference table looking at talking womanRunning a long project can be extremely tiring and eventually turn into a dis-heartening grind. If your team is showing signs of losing motivation, the following are a few tactics you can use to get them feeling good about the work again.

Break It Into Phases

A big project can feel overwhelming. Even just looking at a project plan that goes on and on can be enough to put anyone off. Yet, the majority of projects can be broken into stages or phases pretty easily.

The key point here is in remembering to link the different phases correctly. You need to know when a certain stage of the project has to be successfully completed before the next one can begin, and in which cases the two can run together.

Doing it in this way also gives a chance to allow some team members to take on more responsibility. Different people can take the lead on individual phases, meaning that the responsibility is shared out.

Bring in Fresh Faces and Train Existing Workers

Having the same team work on the same tasks for week after week and month after month can be exhausting. It is usually far better to try and freshen things up now and then. One way of doing this is to bring in new people, even if it just to lighten the load on a temporary basis.

Another idea is to switch around the members of each team. Getting to work with different colleagues on varied tasks can help to make the work more interesting over a long period of time. This is also an opportunity for each person to learn new skills.

Carrying out a simple, unchanging role for months on end can stifle anyone’s creativity and desire to progress. On the other hand, carrying out their PRINCE2 Course London qualification or learning something like a programming language or new tool can inspire them.

Add Fun Updates or More Relaxed Meetings

The team meetings and weekly updates can become tiresome for everyone after a while. They may just want to get through these things as quickly as possible, so that they can get back to their outstanding tasks that need to be completed.

By making these meetings or updates more enjoyable, you can add a bit of extra life to the project. Maybe you can hold the meetings in different locations each time, or invite guests to talk about something interesting.

Some project managers also send out amusing updates to their teams each month. This can be an opportunity to poke some gentle fun at colleagues and try to create more of a team spirit at the same time.

Celebrate Each Big Achievement

A project that runs and runs may have a lot of spells in which nothing much appears to be happening. Yet, there will also be times when you get to celebrate some major achievements. Letting them slip by without any fanfare means a missed opportunity.

Every time that someone in the team delivers something significant, you can all enjoy the feeling of moving the project in the right direction. This is a moment to savour, as you take a step closer to completing the whole thing. Make the most of the good feeling to encourage everyone else to keep going with their own tasks.