Let’s bring out beauty to share


I wish more people paint in pink, blue, and green Denying red or black.
I don’t like harshness, even in colours.

Please erase your anger and greed.
Suppress your violence, madness or sadness.
Concentrate on beauty…
Let’s bring out beauty to share.
Only beauty will stay and endure.
For the name of art,
For the name of literature,
For the name of reality…
Only beauty is stronger than all ugliness or evil.
Bring out beauty and share.

We all know that too much menace and misery haunts  everywhere…
But please, encourage beauty.
Deny every form of negativity.

Just like tiny stars, twinkling above
Let beauty be your guiding star.

Hülya Oyman
Toronto, Canada
hulyaoyman#yahoo.com (Replace # with @)


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