Lockdown- 5 Ways to Beat the Anxiety During Self Isolation

Since the time the World Health Organization or WHO has declared a global pandemic, life has changed for everyone. With the virus wreaking havoc all over the world and claiming life, priorities have changed for many. Even the busiest people are now confined in their homes self-quarantine to save themselves and their loved ones from deadly effects. So, when you are in self-isolation, it is necessary that you take care of yourself and your mental health.

Owing to the present crisis, the world has turned upside down. People all over the world are clueless facing this uncertainty. On one hand, you are confined at home and feeling almost caged; on the other, you are most likely worried about your income too. As a result of the global pandemic, you are surely facing your part of the global economic meltdown which is a threat to your job. So, in a situation like this, it is obvious that you will feel anxious.

The Spike in Anxiety

Presently all over the world, the rate of anxiety is increasing with every passing day. Due to the lockdown situation all over the world, it is becoming overwhelming for everyone to stay at home. Being around your own people can sometimes lead to the hampering of a lifestyle you were addicted to as a result of your work. Also, you don’t have the liberty to even take a break and go for a walk. While feeling leisurely, you are switching on the TV or scrolling the social media feed, but all you are coming across is the bad news, the number of more newly detected cases and deaths. Yes, there is positive information too like how many people are getting better. But the human brain naturally tends to stress the negative more in a situation of crisis. It works as a defense mechanism that prepares us for the worst. However, this can cause a serious level of anxiety and depression in someone.

So, when you are in self-isolation and trying to find out ways that can help you control or manage your anxiety, you are in the right place. Take a look at the following points to know what can help you.

Re-frame Your Thought

How you will think depends on how you want to think. If you have a glass with water till its half, you can look at it in a way that the glass is half empty or you can choose to look at it that the glass is half-filled. The choice is always yours. So, try to find out the positive side of the situation. There might be something positive in it even if very little. But there must be. So, while you are looking at it like “I am stuck at home,” change your perspective. Think of looking at it from the perspective of “I finally have some time in hand to focus on myself and my home.” Think of doing the tasks that you have always wanted to do but you never had the chance or time to do it. You can even cultivate your long-lost hobby too. The change of perspective can take you a long way. When you are telling yourself that you are stuck, you will obviously feel it is a negative situation. And that will cause anxiety. So, change your way to look at it.

Stick to Your Normal Routine As Much as Possible

You are spending time at home. This must not mean that your routine will be completely disrupted. You can think of ways to stick by your routine as much as you can. Maintain the same time of waking up in the morning. If you used to go to the gym in the morning or in the evening, use that same time for working out at home. While staying home, often people tend to binge eat. So, don’t do that. Maintain the right schedule of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, keep the quantity the same. Make sure you are sleeping at the usual time just like how you used to do. Do your laundry on time. Take shower on time. Yes, your PJs are really comfortable. But at times, change your clothes into something better.

Avoid Obsessing Over the News

Yes, you need to listen to the news to stay aware. When the pandemic is killing thousands of people, you surely cannot stay inside your bubble. You have to follow the news to get information about the lockdown, decisions from the government and the healthcare department. However, don’t obsess over too much information on latest updates. Yes, the news is overwhelming. The situation in the whole world is constantly and rapidly changing. But that doesn’t mean you have to pour on every negative thing that is going on around the world. Shift your focus. It is obvious that you might feel like reading and knowing more. But choose to take a break from all the negative things for your own mental health.

Self Help

Start helping yourself. Divert your mind into something effective and positive. Do something that will benefit you. Get admission to an online course. It doesn’t have to be always helpful for your career. You can choose any subject or skill you wanted to know more about. Get some time to do something that you love. It can be anything. Singing, reading, writing, painting, cooking, baking, gardening, it can literally be anything. You can take time for positive affirmation that things will fall back into the right place. You can meditate to stay calm. You can also listen to subliminal messages that will focus on your personal growth while reprogramming your brain and giving your life a new meaning.  You can search for the best anxiety supplements.

Life is not easy right now. We all know that. None of us know where we are headed either as the time is uncertain. But still, we have a choice to make. We can be completely negative, anxious and focus on what is going wrong. Or we can brave our anxiety and find out the positivity and focus on the fact and believe that yes, things will get better. So, choose positivity always.