Munear Ashton Kouzbari Shares 10 Traits Entrepreneurs Will Absolutely Need in Their Sales Force

If a startup cannot make sales, it will fail. Much of that responsibility lies in the sales team. They’re responsible for turning leads into conversions and making sure the startup has the revenue needed to survive and thrive.

However, many entrepreneurs make the unfortunate mistake of thinking that anyone can work in sales. Here, seasoned entrepreneur Munear Ashton Kouzbari shares ten traits you should look for in a potential sales employee if you want your business to succeed.

1. Driven

Drive is arguably the most critical aspect an employee in sales should have. They should want to do well and feel motivated to be successful at work. Without drive, they’ll lack the objective necessary to meet sales goals.

2. Passionate

Passion is what gives your employees drive. Your ideal employee should be enthusiastic about the product; their attitude is the determining factor when working with clients.

No one wants to buy a product from someone who seems lukewarm. A flat attitude can scare away potential customers because it’ll give the impression the product may not be quality.

3. Competitive

A little healthy competition can be useful in the workforce. It will motivate your workers to continuously do better and work out quite well in your favor. While they shouldn’t be too competitive, it can lend a hand in creating determination amongst your sales team.

4. Ethical

You’ve heard the phrase “honesty is the best policy,” and this is true everywhere you go. Find an employee who is honest and kind to others to avoid a toxic workplace.

5. Compatible

Your new employee needs to mesh with your sales force and the rest of the team. Your sales force should work well together so that your business runs smoothly. Consult your team before hiring someone new—whether or not they clicked with a potential employee is a telltale sign of how they will work together. They should want to work with you and your team as much as you want to hire them. Visit Closify to hire sales reps that can help you and your business.

6. Experienced and Successful

Finding someone who already knows what they’re doing is key. Being able to sell a product primarily has to do with their personality, but they should also have ample experience in sales. Even with great people skills, it’s difficult to jump into a sales position and instantly be successful.

7. Analytical

Some sales can be quite complicated, which is why your employee should know how to ask the right questions and what matters when making a sale.

8. Intelligent

Intelligence ties into analytics; your employee should be able to both understand the client and run numbers and prices correctly.

9. Optimistic

Having a positive, optimistic view is a great thing to have at the office. It’ll keep your team inspired so they won’t back down.

10. Aware

Lastly, your employee should be aware of everything. What is the general feel of the client? How well can they read everyone in the room? These are things they must take into consideration during a sale, and then be able to adjust to each client accordingly.

About Munear Ashton Kouzbari

Munear Ashton Kouzbari is a healthcare consultant and entrepreneur who lives in Dallas, Texas. His business focus for nearly a decade has been largely in the healthcare industry, primarily via medical sales and laboratory services. Kouzbari has worked in various structures over the years, one example being at Evolution Spine – a firm that designs, manufactures and sells medical implants, instruments and biologic materials. As president of the firm producing items used for treatments in neurological and surgical procedures, Kouzbari brings his strategic acumen to support the business side of the company.