Never Feel Lonely

When you are lonely and blue,
When you think
There is no one in this whole wide world to be with you.
Go out
Take a long walk
By the lake, river, sea,
Or anywhere your feet will take you
Watch the sky, the clouds, the sun,
The moon, and the stars
Let nature talk to you.

When you wonder
what you’ve done wrong
to deserve such  loneliness
and feel sorry for yourself,
take a deep breath,
pull up your shoulders
and count your blessings.
Then,  look at the trees.
Listen to the birds, the wind,
the leaves, faded grass and shrubs
Let nature talk to you.

You’ll find all the answers,
if you learn to listen.
Maybe it’s in the whisper of a sparrow
or in the laughter of an owl,
maybe in the mysterious silence of the falling snow or in the new buds, on bare branches waiting to blossom!
You’ll find grace, peace, harmony and continuity wherever you go.

If you learn to listen
nature will teach you,
everything you crave to know.
This is not the end.
It never was..
It never shall be
We are, all,  in this puzzle together, this moment, then we drift apart,

for it takes struggle, courage, persistence and patience to find one’s own path, happiness and purpose in life,

Despair not
for it can be done!
No despair lasts a lifetime.
No tears fall non-stop.
For if you appreciate life, nature and beauty You’ll find your own answers and remedy.

I truly wish all of you
find your own answers,
to lead you to happiness and
success in the pursuit of pleasure
Happy people create happy environments
and nurture others.
For happiness is contagious.

If you laugh, we’ll laugh with you
and it’s not always true
that if you cry,
you’ll cry alone,
for we are, mostly sensitive people,
and we will also cry with you.

Isn’t it  happiness,
to know that
you are surrounded by people
with lots of love and
who can also share your emotions?

Hülya Oyman, Toronto, Canada (Replace # with @)