Feeling Stressed? Physiotherapy Can Help in Surprising Ways

Tired with the tight deadlines, demanding job, long commutes, and poor work-life balance? It is the prime cause of stress for most people these days. There is no doubt to say that we all feel stressed at some point in life. But if this condition is not treated on time, it can leave a considerable impact on your health and well-being.

Whenever you feel stressed, your body starts releasing some fast-acting hormones that are named as noradrenaline and adrenaline. These hormones are used by the body to heighten senses while generating response signals to the stressor. But when this action continues for a longer duration, the condition leads to chronic stress and the body starts releasing cortisol hormones. The situation can further lead to several health issues like back, neck and shoulder pain; headaches; muscle tightness; inflammation; fatigue and sleeplessness; depression. Experts reveal that the best solution to treat all these conditions is Physiotherapy.

How does physiotherapy help to reduce stress?

There is no doubt to say that physiotherapy is often recommended for improving strength, correcting muscle imbalance and to reduce pain. But few recent studies reveal that it is a proven solution to manage stress and other related symptoms as well. Below we have highlighted a few ways physiotherapy can help you reduce stress:

It reduces cortisol levels:

Daily diaphragmatic breathing is an essential part of physiotherapy treatment and this clinically proven method can easily lower cortisol levels while improving concentration and relaxation as well. In order to learn these breathing techniques, you can take help from Evoker. Experts reveal that experts can help you to follow this treatment in the most fruitful manner.

It reduces sensitivity to stress:

Exercise prescription can help people to deal with stress in a more effective manner. Experts in the physiotherapy world can help beginners to learn this method. Studies reveal that routine exercise can reduce perceived stress levels by around 50 to 80% while dealing with stress sensitivity as well.

It improves sleep quality:

Physiotherapy also includes posture training, relaxation techniques, and some valuable, patient education sessions; it can help sufferers to improve their sleep quality while enhancing sleep duration as well. Moreover, this treatment can be customized as per the individual needs of the person.

It works as antidepressant:

Some studies have proven that physiotherapy also help to treat depression and the results can be observed even within a few days. This treatment works as an effective anti-depressant so that person can feel relaxed in hectic work routines as well.

It improves the overall quality of life:

It is well proven that the best remedy to deal with stress is to improve the overall quality of life and this goal can be achieved easily with physiotherapy. Various effective exercises mentioned in the physiotherapy practices can help you to boost physical condition, self-worth, and self-esteem as well. In short, it is the best solution to boost overall physical as well as mental health.

You can take help from professionals at Evoker platform and step ahead into a healthy lifestyle.

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