Poem to Children

To My Children

When I’m no longer around you
Far, far away from all of you…
Maybe when you want to talk to me
and finally listen to me.
Please, would you read my poetry?

In my lines, you will find my legacy
My philosophy, my wishes, dreams and disappointments, but you’ll also find my solutions You see, I do not like to be depressed too long I like to cheer myself up as much as those around me!

Please read my poems
when you feel lonely and blue…
We all feel down at times,
Everyone goes through such feelings
But you got to find you own way out
by reading, learning and enjoying life!
Then I’ll never be too far away.
I’ll be with you and share your feelings and thoughts when you are happy, enjoying life, and living life fully, thoughtfully, respectfully, considerately, gracefully, I’ll be truly happy wherever I might be, But what’s more, you’ll feel me with you so intimately You’ll be sure that I haven’t lived vainly, and I know that you will keep our legacy!

Hülya Oyman
Toronto, Canada
hulyaoyman#yahoo.com (Replace # with @)