Poetry for Humanity

I admit,
I ran out of words.
Today, I have no hopes or positive messages No consolation for humanity.
Since demons were at work today
with their unimaginable destruction;
without any warning, mercy or hesitation; They applied their bloody plans and disappeared in total darkness with irrevocable destruction!.

We knew they were everywhere
Yet they had never been so close, or destructive acting right in front of our eyes; They were able to hide somewhere else before In some faraway country, some desolate forest or a mountain; They never looked real or ordinary .
Yet this time their plans were fascinating.
They knew how to fool everyone.
They took thousands unexpectedly
to an unknown destiny.
Yet if there is any hell after life,
for sure they will rot and burn
there incessantly.
Anyone who brainwashed
and motivated them
that killing is a virtue
that by killing as many as they could
they will be applauded as a martyr
will also rot with them
both in this life and many others to come.
and neither I, nor anyone
will have any bit of
sympathy or compassion for them.
If any religion or philosophy praises such satanic acts I condemn all of them and their teachers, Nothing is more sacred than a living being Nothing can turn me into an enemy and make me hate another human being, Yet I am so sad, since these crimes were committed in the name of a great religion staining all people who share similar beliefs.

Please unite, leaders of all religions.
Can’t you see,
your teachings are the cause of so
much evil and so much tragedy and agony!
No religion should preach killing!
Yet why are there masked murderers
behind all beliefs?

You can’t create heaven in hell!
This is all we got,
this is our heaven or hell.
Let’s go back to basics.
“Love your neighbours like brothers.”
Practice random kindness,
respect others’ rights,
teach our children love and tolerance.
When we stop hearing evil deeds,
when we stop reading tragedies,
our lives will be happier and more fruitful We’ll concentrate our energy on what is meaningful.
Before we know it, we’ll all be living in heaven.
Together we will conquer enraged nature, at times, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and more.
We will erase hunger from the earth
when we all learn to care for each other.

Call me naïve, call me stupid!
I preach humanism to everyone.
Humanism should be the religion of our century No reason for barriers, borders or brain washing religions One for all, all for one!
Either this or none!

Hülya Oyman, Toronto, Canada
hulyaoyman#yahoo.com (Replace # with @)