Quick Mood Fixes

We all envy people who we think are happy all the time, but we shouldn’t. That’s because they don’t exist. No matter how happy or carefree someone might appear to be on the surface, nobody is 100% happy 100% of the time. Everyone’s mood has peaks and troughs – it’s just that for some people, the troughs last longer than they in others. Every single person reading this knows what it feels like to feel blue without really knowing why, and it’s never a pleasant experience.

When you’re down, it can have a knock-on effect on everything else you’re doing that day or even that week. You might be more terse with your partner, your colleagues, or your friends than you intended to be. You might be inclined to give up on a hobby or a long-term project because you can’t see the point or benefit to it. A dip in mood is damaging to productivity, and so all too often, it leads to apathy. That only makes the problem worse, because later on you’ll be upset with yourself for not getting enough things done with your time.

There are some mood problems that only a qualified professional is able to fix, but for the majority of people, it’s possible to shift your mood upward with a simple tweak or a trick to get your brain back onside. Feel free to take any one of the pieces of advice we’re about to list below if you’re feeling down in the dumps – and bookmark this page so you can come back to it whenever you need to!

Try Smiling

You might resent everyone who tells you to smile when you don’t feel like doing so, but even though it’s a patronizing thing to say, it’s actually good advice. The physical act of smiling actually makes us feel better about ourselves, and that’s a scientific fact. When we smile, our brain releases endorphins that naturally lift our mood and cheer us up. It might feel completely counter-intuitive to smile when it’s the last thing you feel like doing, but as soon as you’ve done it, the world feels like a very slightly better place.

Take A Music Break

There’s a reason that there’s been music on this planet for almost as long as there have been human beings. Music is a natural mood booster. Various studies have been performed into the beneficial effects of music, and it’s been demonstrated to have a positive impact on everything from stress to poor circulation. That sounds like it’s made up, but it’s absolutely true. You might already have a ‘wake up’ playlist or a ‘work out’ playlist, so why not make yourself a ‘cheer up’ playlist of all the songs that remind you of happy times, or get your blood pumping? If you don’t have any playlists whatsoever, you’re missing out. Your favorite musicians and the beautiful songs they write are there for you whenever you need them – so use them!

The Power Of Persistence

Frequently, a dip in mood can occur when it feels like we’re doing the exact same thing day in and day out, with no variation of our routine, and no obvious end reward. We start to feel gray and robotic, and we wonder what the point of it all is. This is when you need to give yourself a reward for persistence. Think about the way that someone playing online slots thinks about their next spin. Most online slots players are totally aware that their chances of a big win on their next spin are low, but they’re already thinking about the next one, or the one after that. That’s because when you’re persistent with UK online slots, you win a jackpot. All you need to do is decide what your jackpot is. What would you like to do with your next paycheck? Where would you like to go next on holiday or vacation? Give yourself an end goal to work for. If there’s a point in your persisting with a task or a lifestyle, you won’t resent the process so much.

Let Yourself Hang Loose

If you’re feeling stressed right now, stop and take note of your posture. Are your shoulders in an unnatural position? Are they tense, and raised above where they would be if you relaxed a little? When your body carries tension, it manifests itself in the form of raised shoulders, stiff legs, and shallow breathing. Allow yourself thirty seconds to completely relax, let your shoulders drop, and take a long, slow, deep breath. Close your eyes if it helps. Doesn’t that feel better? Never allow tension to build up within your body to the point where you’re entirely stiff. Remind yourself to relax all of your joints at least once an hour, and give yourself space to breathe.

Step Away From The Internet

Do you know what’s really bad for you when you’re not feeling your best? Seeing other people apparently having the time of their lives. The internet isn’t great for this, and social media is terrible for it. Very few people represent their ‘true’ selves on social media – everyone wants to make it look like their life is fantastic, and everything is going well. That can lead to feelings of envy and low self-esteem if things aren’t fantastic for you. Cutting yourself off from it can be a liberating experience, even if it’s only for a day. Stop scrolling endlessly through post after post of filtered pictures and tawdry gossip. Focus on the real people in your life instead, and have a conversation with them. The internet has been fantastic for a whole range of reasons, but everybody needs a break from it every now and then. If you think you do, go and do it right now. We’ll still be here waiting for you when you get back!

Here’s your takeaway from this article:- Pause, smile, breathe, and relax. If you’re able to do all of those things, you’re doing a lot better than around fifty percent of the world right now. Be thankful for the good things in your life, and treat yourself kindly.

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