The Truth: Reasons Not to Buy Fake Watches


Luxury watches has a rich history of horological innovation. embody prestige, success, and tradition thanks to their quality of craftsmanship. For those who don’t want to pay the full value of a luxury watch but wish to wear something luxurious, they may be tempted to buy a counterfeit, replica or fake luxury watch.

People buy counterfeit, fake, replica watches for a number of reasons. For some, it’s an opportunity to “test drive” a piece before committing to the real thing.

For others, it’s to get the look without the luxury price tag. Some also purchase them for more nefarious intention, to resell them as authentic pieces. But, whether your intentions are good or not, buying a fake watch is a mistake you cannot afford to make. Here’s why…

It’s Illegal

They’re considered counterfeit goods. As harmless as they may seem, replica watches are illegal. Names, Logos, and so forth are routinely patented designs and typically trademarked.

Customs agents can seize replica or fake watches and in certain countries, getting caught with a counterfeit watch or goods may incur you a fine or jail time. Buying counterfeit goods supports criminal activities such as trafficking in illegal guns and drugs and money laundering.

Poor Quality

Obviously, the goal of a fake and replica is to look like an authentic and original piece, but replica watches don’t always pull it off. By just looking at an authentic luxury watch and fake watch side by side, even a novice will be able to detect the difference in quality and craftsmanship.

fake watches will not be able consistently to tell proper time and can’t be repaired by a watchmaker when they inevitably break. If you bought a fake watch purely for its style and fashion rather than functionality and quality, your watch may have sloppy printing on the dial, push buttons that don’t really work, rattling movements and bracelets that easily fall apart.

Fake watches are crudely made for a quick profit, which makes it very clear why this is one of the main reasons not to buy fake, replica or counterfeit watches.

Short Life Span

Thanks to their high-quality materials and masterful construction, Real luxury watches last for generations. They aren’t made with the same dedication, passion and don’t have the same heart as a high-quality piece.

As stated above knockoffs are cheaply made for a fast profit. Whereas most luxury watch manufacturers have a rigorous quality-check process in place for each piece and back their products with warranties to make sure that it’ll be the best out in the market, counterfeit watch makers simply focus on the physical look.

Instead of getting something that you can keep longer and can be passed down for generations, you may well get a piece that never functions at all, dies within a short period of time and turns your wrist green, or worse.

Wrong Investment

You may have spent $20 or you may have spent $300 or more, but either way, it’s worth nothing after you buy it. Fake and counterfeit watches don’t retain any value at all. Buying Walmart-Brand watches that are on sale will be more valuable than any fake watch.

It will not keep accurate time

Some replicas come with quartz movement and may actually keep time longer than the case stays intact. just like the exterior of the replica Rolex, so is the mechanism inside of it. In the vast majority of cases, you’re getting a mass-produced movement made in China that fall short rather quickly.

Not a real water-resistant

A real Rolex Submariner or any Omega watch can be worn when diving but the replica shouldn’t even hit the showers with you. Why? Because it isn’t water-resistant at all.

It will affect the entire industry

Reasons why people tend to buy fake watches, is to wear brands that represent quality, luxury, success, and craftsmanship. But the real thing is you won’t align yourself to them if you wear a fake watch.

It undermines the whole industry by redirecting and diluting the equity of the watch brands into a fake replica and counterfeit goods.


Why would you want to walk around with a dissatisfied feeling? The last point we will leave you with is this. In buying replica watch your just telling yourself that “I’m not worth the real thing”. Why choose to wear a fake item which is going to harm your reputation and how you feel about yourself?

If you can’t afford a luxury watch whether it is new or pre-owned, you can always save up until you can, Because the satisfaction of finally owning the real thing will mean so much more to you than faking it.