Relocation to Georgia – New Horizons

timelapse photo of highway during golden hourGeorgia is an amazing country with a rich history, beautiful nature and hospitable people. More and more people from different countries are considering Georgia as a possible place to move to. Why has Georgia become such an attractive destination and what awaits those who decide to start a new life in this unique country?

Discover Georgia: Culture and Language

Georgia is known for its unique cultural heritage and deep traditions. The national Georgian cuisine with its flavors and variety of dishes has become a true cultural phenomenon. Dances, songs and folk rituals are imbued with the spirit of hospitality and joie de vivre.

The official language of Georgia is Georgian, but Russian is also widely spoken, especially in the capital, Tbilisi, and in tourist areas. This makes assimilation easier for Russian-speaking immigrants.

Life in Georgia: Climate and Nature

Georgia is famous for its unique climate and beautiful nature. From the mountainous regions to the Black Sea coast, everyone will find a place to capture their heart. Due to the variety of natural conditions, it is possible to choose a climate that suits your preferences.

Benefits for settlers: Visa and Immigration

For those considering Georgia as a permanent residence, it is possible to obtain a temporary or permanent residence permit. The immigration process is usually relatively simple and does not require complicated formalities.

Health and education system

Georgia has a well-developed health and education system. The country has modern clinics and hospitals that provide quality medical care.

The education system is also well developed, with many schools and universities offering high quality education. English language facilities are available for international students.

Business climate and work

Georgia is an open and developing economy. Favorable investment conditions and support for entrepreneurship make it an attractive place to do business and work.

Jobs in tourism, IT, hospitality and other fields are usually available to working foreigners. English language skills and work experience can significantly increase the chances of employment.

Preserving your identity

One of the greatest fears of moving to another country is losing one’s identity and cultural roots. In Georgia, with its warm and friendly atmosphere, migrants often find support and opportunities to maintain their cultural identity while integrating into the local community.

Language barrier: One of the biggest challenges for migrants is the language barrier. The Georgian language, while beautiful, can be difficult to learn and understand, especially for foreigners. However, actively learning the language and communicating with locals will help overcome this challenge.

Adapting to the culture: Cultural differences can cause some adjustment difficulties. Attitudes towards time, daily customs and traditions may be different from what you are used to. However, being open-minded, respectful of local customs, and willing to immerse yourself in the culture will help improve your adjustment.

Bureaucratic procedures: Residency and work permit procedures can be complicated and lengthy. It is important to be prepared for bureaucratic difficulties and to anticipate additional time and effort.

Financial costs: There are always some financial costs associated with moving to another country. These include moving costs, rent, health insurance, and other expenses. You will need to plan your budget well and have an emergency fund for unexpected circumstances.

Children’s education: If you have children, moving will also affect their education and adjustment to the new country. It is important to find good schools and educational opportunities for the children to ensure their successful adjustment.


Relocation to Georgia is an exciting and challenging journey that can offer many new opportunities and experiences. The open visa regime, beautiful nature, rich culture and economic potential make Georgia an attractive relocation destination. However, to make a successful move you need to prepare thoroughly, research all aspects of the move and be prepared to adapt to the new country and culture.

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Relocation is a step into the unknown, but with the right attitude and support, it can be a unique and unforgettable experience, broadening your horizons and opening up new opportunities for personal and professional growth.


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