Implementing Rib Cartilage Graft Surgical Reconstruction

A deformed external ear or Microtia can have a tremendous emotional, and physical impact on a child’s life. Because it affects hearing, appearance, and confidence, the right treatment option is necessary. There are varieties of Microtia treatment options available to fix cosmetic and functional problems and render a better quality of life.

Treating Microtia

Reconstruction of the deformity of the external ear cannot be executed right after birth. Until the reconstruction is executed, the child and the immediate family members have to cope with the abnormality. This can be seriously challenging as the patient and the family members are constantly ashamed and even feel embarrassed to appear in public. Thanks to rib cartilage grafts surgical techniques, can treat malformations and deformities of the outer ear.

Rib cartilage graft surgical reconstruction

It is a surgical reconstruction that has been around since the 1920s. The rib cartilage graft surgical technique includes two to four independent surgeries. The surgeries require anesthesia and there must be a gap of several months for healing. There are multiple rib cartilage graft reconstruction techniques that can be executed by surgeons.

New cartilage framework

Each of the techniques incorporates taking rib cartilage during the 1st stage of the surgery and then carefully placing it into a framework, shaped like an ear.  The framework is placed in a skin pocket below the scalp where the new ear is present. The new framework is the part of the live tissues of the patient and is included after a gap of three to four months during the second stage of the surgery.

The second stage of reconstruction surgery

In the second stage of the surgery, incisions are made behind the ear of the patient. This is made to release the ear from the scalp skin. Furthermore, the new cartilage framework is elevated for the right projection. In some cases, additional minor surgeries need to be performed to enhance the shape of the ear, fade away the scars, and so on.

Better 3-D reconstruction surgery

A few surgeons carry out the rib cartilage graft reconstruction surgeries in patients as young as five years. But a detailed, and better 3-D reconstruction can be catered only at the age of 8 years to 10 years. this is because, by the time a child is 8 years to 10 years of age, his/her rib cartilage is thicker and stronger to be used from the chest and treat microtia.

Advantages of rib cartilage reconstruction surgery

One of the prime advantages of rib graft reconstruction surgery is that live tissues from the patient’s own body are used. It decreases the risks associated with the body rejecting the implant. Furthermore, rib cartilage is also known to withhold trauma efficiently without any additional restriction. One of the prime reasons for patients and surgeons opting for the treatment method is the lifetime durability and form retention quality.


Microtia is a rare condition that affects the external ear appearance, and in some cases, the ear canal is missing. Presence of modern and advanced medical treatment facilities, the ear deformity can be treated with rib cartilage graft reconstruction surgery.