Social Culture

There is so much tension in today’s world that we are eyeing each other with a certain suspicion. We don’t really know what lurks in the minds of the other and vis-à-vis we are ourselves visualized. The society, the city and the country we live in hardly seems the place we wish to be in and we are very skeptical of the future of our children. What type of world will our children inherit? Will our children be able to live a full life or will they be a part of a social tragedy? Why is there so much distrust and pain amongst us? Did we wish to be part of this situation or do we have any solution to change this state to a more secure life with more respect and love between each of us?

It is a complex situation much akin to a creeper that has grown wildly and pruning it to shape presenting a difficult choice to make. The social structure has gone through so much upheavals that we have ended with circles within circles of smaller and smaller complex beliefs and goals. Finding faults with anyone or any social culture will not resolve this problem unless, we each, as individuals take it upon ourselves the responsibility to change our ideals and allow the other an equal chance of existing on this earth. Many have called for a social revolution.

A social revolution is easier to hope than possible. Just as the wildly grown creeper, our differences and beliefs are so intertwined that we are unable to view our identity. We have made our lives to be identified by the social structure around us and making and remaking this has complicated our own relationships.

Who is right and who is wrong. Can we call our own society as peaceful, our own ideals as humane, our own religion as purported by our clergy, as correct? If we, for a change see ourselves without these social trappings, what do we see, a clean and honest individual? Without our social covers, we are as clean and holy as the day we were born. If this is true, what sort of social revolution do we seek? Can we hope that our world can again have another Flood and a Noah to restart our civilization from the scratch? Social genocide! Can this be the answer? NO! We would all lose than win in the bargain. What then, can we do, to change this alarming state?

How about some introspection? Primarily we must agree that there lie many facets of this situation within ourselves. For a change without blaming anyone else or ourselves for where we have brought our world to, let us focus to our immediate need rather than the society at large. I am sure, if we all, clear the clutter around our own lives with responsibility, the world can surely be, a much cleaner and peaceful place to live. But how, is a question we are all seeking. Yes, it is true that there resides in each one of us a blessed soul, but the society with its myriad hues tends to hide the real us. We cannot live without the society nor can we on our own merit, cause much to change, but yes, if we act and be responsible for our own life, I am willing to believe that there will be a much better world, where our children can expect equality and freedom.

Change of any sorts is made of actions and actions to be true and healthy must be responsible. Being responsible will only be true if we hold ourselves accountable for our actions. We cannot hold anyone else responsible for our actions unless we dwell deep into our own ideals and accept to be accountable for the changes that we wish to bring about for our own safety and in confirmation to the ideal society.

An ideal society is much akin to a hamlet, a small village where everyone has a task to perform and they do their expected activities without their own wants as the primary need. It may seem, impersonal and mechanical however, in due course of time we will have a whole new generation brought up with a feeling of brotherhood based on trust and willingness to accept the other without any reservations.

Why is this so necessary you may ask? Are we not educating ourselves and our kids in an ethical way? Yes, I will agree, we are, but when you open the doors of your home and join the others what exactly is ethical and who is and who is not, is the question. Ethics, respect and morality are various hues that have, long lost its luster and to get back the gleam one should go back to basic society. Basics of social governance you may add.

We must not forget that we as humans did evolve in the same way as did the animals but with a difference. We had the capability to understand, to discern, to develop and to harmonize. Somewhere along the route, the stronger amongst us, instead of being responsible for the weaker, just took charge and instilled his own version of what he felt, form his point of view, a suitable society. Over the period of time, instead of turning into a harmonized society, the weakness in the social wall spilled forth a section of people who were not in agreement and who had an opinion generated by another strong will. This kept multiplying to what is today, a world with no similarities and a visible lust for power, fame and wealth embodying a total lack of civility.

Strangely, in today’s world there are no winners, but a whole lot of losers, you, me and everyone out there. We go to sleep not sure of what the next day will bring with it. I, for one, surely don’t find this comfortable and I am sure neither do you. But I feel that if I and you, dear reader, take it upon our own selves of being accountable for our actions and inculcate the sense of responsibility in our children, the day will not be far away when we may see a difference. Just in as much as a planter of a tree, may not gain, the fruits of his labor, his children will surely get the fruits and the shade, our children, can expect a much better place to live.

The following are a few actions we must be accountable ourselves, for what we have set out to achieve;

  • Be all religion tolerant
  • Be charitable; pass the fruits of your labor if in excess of your own needs
  • Be industrious and true
  • Keep your wants to the minimum; more will not make any sense anyways
  • Your neighbor is like you, just as human
  • Make peace with yourself and only then will you appreciate others
  • Conserve Nature, our life is wholly dependent on her
  • Be health conscious, a healthy body has a positive thinking
  • Believe in true love, it surely makes the world go around
  • Give respect to other, for surely we all want it ourselves
  • Color is only skin deep, blood is red in each of us
  • Believe in brotherhood

Don’t let human survival be at stake to understand that we are inherently alike. We are and we should be responsible for each other. Believe me, I did really like the essence of the movie, ‘Independence Day’, when alien forces reach earth and then suddenly we do not see the so called differences in ourselves and the whole humanity as one reaches out to fend the Earth. Today it might have just been an imagination of a very creative writer and director of this film, but tomorrow who knows, the universe is quite large and unknown. We are just too small in comparison and a belief that we all belong to this lonely planet can surely cast away our man made differences and dislikes. Let us take a vow to make our life more peaceful, whilst we can, gazing into the outer space, I surely feel threatened.

by Sushil Baboo (replace # with @)