How To Help Your Teen Become a Healthy Adult

One of the most rewarding experiences any parent will ever have is bringing a child into this world. Not only will you have a feeling of satisfaction when you become a parent and raise a child, but being a parent also gives you the chance to learn, develop yourself, and grow as a person.

A lot of parents are fascinated about raising their kids when they are toddlers, but they can’t say the same when their child becomes a teenager. In general, most parents may find it difficult to handle their children when they are teens because they don’t listen to their parent the way they did when they were much younger.

As soon as a child becomes an adolescent, they start questioning their parents decisions as they want to begin making their own choices in life. During this stage, your kids want to lead their own life without their parent’s intervention as they see their parent more as someone to guide them and assist them in their journey.

You need to be mindful of two things during this phase:

1. Discipline and Structure

“While your child may want to stand on their own two feet, do their own thing, and start making their own decisions, it is important that they still have a clear set of boundaries and that they are given structure and discipline,” says teen counseling professional, Dr. Sam Miller.

During this stage, your teen wants to explore life, test their limits, and see things they can and cannot get away with. Even though it’s essential you give your teen space during this phase so they can explore on their own, have at the back of your mind that they still don’t know what’s good for them and you need to step in most times with some tough love.

“One of the main lessons I teach parents is to not try and be your child’s friend during this stage of their development. It’s critical that you focus on being a strong role model so that they can get the discipline and structure that they need. This will help empower them to become healthy and self-motivated so that you don’t have to constantly nag them.”

2. Good Habits

Teaching your child healthy habits is one of the most important task to do as a parent. From doing simple things like washing their hands, brushing their teeth, and doing assignments to more complex tasks like healthy eating habits and projects around the house, it is important they learn these things at this stage of their life because these good habits will play key roles in their health and well-being when they are much older.

Most kids who did not learn these healthy habits from childhood eventually become adults who find it difficult with many aspects of their life such as their relationships, health, finances and career. Because of this, they eventually get to a point in their lives where they find themselves struggling to succeed, depressed, and unhappy. It is important you teach your kids these healthy habits they will practice for the rest of their lives if you don’t want them ending up that way.

One important habit to teach your child early on is how to stay positive through difficult times. It’s essential that they understand the power of the mind and thoughts and how things like the Law of Attraction work. A simple tool you can teach them is to spend a few minutes each day reading affirmations.

“Sadly, many people end up in my office getting therapy because they never learned these tools early on” says Dr. Miller. “If you want to ensure your child becomes a healthy and strong adult, teach theme these valuable lessons now rather than later.”