Tell Everyone of Good Things to Come

If I was a psychic or a fortune-teller,
I would tell everyone of good things to come
Never once utter a word of misery,
sickness, bad luck or misfortune
For people who go to psychics or fortune-tellers
need to hear good things and be given hope.
Happy people don’t need to hear the future.
They believe and expect their good fortune
to continue forever,
but those who seek to hear answers
from anyone claiming to have super powers
should be made to believe
that no misery lasts a life time
that soon everything will be all right.
People need not
lose hope
and lose their sight
of happiness to come
with their loved ones by their side.

If you believe you can, make it happen.
Miracles are created by people
who believe in miracles.

If I was a fortune teller or a psychic
I would surely tell about all sorts of good things to come;
give hope and enthusiasm
to those in need to hear, believe
and receive encouragement.

Hülya Oyman
Toronto, Canada (Replace # with @)