The Artistry of Nature


Nature is the most creative artist of all.
Who am I?
A mere observer – at times..
All artists are amateurs, trying to copy
Colours, forms shapes, and textures
found in nature.
They copy, edit, paste, re-write
and think they are originals,
that they are such “grand” artists!

Now you can even buy
a recorded tape or a CD
of falling rain, winds whispering or howling,
waves rushing to the shore.
Thank goodness, some of us listen
to sounds of nature
instead of listening to CD’s
when we jog or walk
since sounds of nature
are always readily available if we learn to listen.
We put pictures of blossoming trees
on our walls,
to remind us of
beautiful springs and the re-birth of nature
when lonely, shivering branches
and faded grass reminds us of inescapable death.
“Earth to earth, ashes to ashes”
says a voice.knowingly
yet we  forget and cling on to life
count our pennies, cut coupons
and rush to stores
and stock as much as we can fit or carry, stubbornly.
Then we go back to create art forms,
copy, paste, mould
life-like figures and forms,
photograph beauty
hoping to leave some traces
of our artistic minds and souls,
our microscopic existence!

Hülya Oyman
Toronto, Canada (Replace # with @)