Tips for Picking the Best Book Light

Book lights have become an integral part of our life. Not only they create a pleasant atmosphere in the room, but also make it comfortable to work at the table. It’s no longer a secret that insufficient light leads to discomfort and eye fatigue, worse yet, it can damage your eyesight. Therefore, experts advise choosing this interior item very carefully.

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First of all, you need to consider your light functionality. If you simply need a nice interior decorative piece, then technical performance is the last thing you should worry about. All you need is to choose the color and style to make it blend into your room interior design. Luckily, there are a wide variety of  lights varying in color and size in the market. Manufacturers have done their best to provide a wide number of choices for buyers.

The shade and the stem are key decorative parts of the light. They can match either other lights in the room in style or the furniture design. Such lights can serve to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. If you want to bring some freshness into the room where warm colors predominate, you can choose a light with a cold colored shade.

But the light isn’t always a decorative thing; it can also be a tool which makes it possible to have a comfortable working place. In this case, you should consider the following criteria.

The Shade (Lampshade)

The shade should meet certain requirements. First, the size of the shade should be wide enough to completely cover the bulb. Otherwise, there is a risk that bright light of the bulb will blind your eyes. Besides, the bulb shouldn’t touch the shade itself.

Second, the shape of the shade should preferably be a prism, cone, trapezoid or sphere (which makes the top of the shade narrower than its bottom). In this case, the light reflected from the inner surface of the shade will disperse the rays, which is easier on your eyes.

Third, the color and material of the shade are also important. This is especially significant if you choose the light for a child using it for school. The most commonly used materials are metal and plastic. Make sure plastic is heat resistant so that the lamp will not melt and cause a fire. Metal shade is easily heated, which increases the risk of accidental burns. To avoid this problem, pick a model with a special handle for adjusting the shade to different angles.

As for the color of the shade, it can be anything you like. However keep in mind that bright colored lights will distract your child from important things and cause eye fatigue. Therefore, pastel colors are the best choice.

Size and Weight

The size of the light should fit the size of the desk. This is significant both in terms of workplace appearance and comfortable use of the light. Otherwise there is a possibility to brush the light off the desk accidentally, especially if any part of the light will go beyond the edge of the desk. Your working area should be illuminated as well as possible, a small but powerful light can’t guarantee this. However, you should keep in mind that smaller light allows you having enough space for keeping other necessary things at hand.

As a rule, the heaviest element of the light is its base (if there is one). It ensures better stability of the light. However if you move the light from place to place rather often, then choosing a lightweight model is a wise choice.

Fixation Method

Some lights are attached to the top of the desk or any other surface with a clamp or clip. This fixation method is very convenient, and you don’t have to worry about dropping the light down by mistake, moreover, it saves more working space on your desk. An attached light is hard to move, so its assembly and disassembly take some time. Lights with a clamp can be attached to any surface. But as a rule, these models are not usually big and are good for illuminating small areas only.


Pay careful attention to the light stem. Keep in mind that the most comfortable position of the shade is on the same level as your eyes. For maximum height adjustment, the stem may have special folding or sliding mechanisms or be made of flexible materials. The latter is the best option for children because they can easily adjust the height and angle of the light with a flexible stem.


Be sure to consider the location of the switch button. Its placement on the cord or the shade is not very practical to easily use. It is much better if it is located on the base.

Types of Bulbs

Choosing a bulb for the book light is crucial in terms of your eye’s health. Typically, incandescent bulbs are used for this kind of light. However, they have some major downsides. These bulbs consume too much energy and are more prone to heat issues. If you still want to use this type of bulb, then consider such characteristics as power. Ophthalmologists recommend using incandescent bulbs for book lights with 40-60W power, 60W ideally. This is especially important when you choose the light for a child. In case you use the bulb with more than 60W power, the light reflected from the paper will dazzle the eyes.

A light with brightness control will be a perfect choice. This model will certainly cost more, yet it provides a range of advantages for a more comfortable use. While working with a bright paper you can lower the power of the light, on the other hand, working at a computer requires less power.

Another option is energy-saving bulbs, which are very popular now. Though they are not heated as much as incandescent bulbs, they have a longer life and consume less energy. However, energy-saving bulbs (like fluorescent bulbs) can distort colors, so be sure to pay attention to the following abbreviations. If you work with graphic images, then use light bulbs with the letter C in marking for better color reproduction. Or use warm white bulbs with LTB marking on it for working with paper. Particularly, this one is better for a light which will be placed on your childs desk.

A halogen lamp is good because it provides natural radiation spectrum, its light is softer and diffused. It has a longer life like a fluorescent bulb and consumes less energy compared to incandescent bulbs.


While choosing the best book light there are no unimportant elements. Consider every part, from the shade to the switch button location.

Do not hesitate to ask a salesperson about the material quality of the light. While choosing the light, it is crucial to make sure it is comfortable in use and brings no harm to your eyes.

It is also advisable to remember that book light should not be the only source of light in the room, because having a great difference in illumination level leads to eye strain and consequently fatigue.

While writing, right-handed people should place the light to the left, left-handed should place it to the right, otherwise, the shadow of the hand will fall on the paper and make your work less comfortable.