Top 8 Consequences of Not Wearing a Seat belt


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According to the CDC, motor vehicle wrecks kill more than 28,000 people annually. Road trauma also has a high rate of injury and hospitalization of over 2 million each year. Not wearing your seatbelt can lead to dire consequences. These are the top 8 consequences of not wearing a seatbelt.


1. Death

Studies published by the National Library of Medicine show that if you don’t wear a seat belt, there’s an 88% chance you’ll die in an accident, and that’s almost nine times higher than if you had been wearing one.

2. Brain Damage

According to a recent study, not wearing a seatbelt in the car significantly increases the risk of sustaining a traumatic brain injury. Although it may take only seconds to buckle up, a seat belt can save a person’s life.

Medical providers encourage every driver to buckle up. According to neurosurgeon Thomas Origitano, head of the Neuroscience & Spine Institute, seatbelts significantly reduce the risk of severe brain injuries.

3. Internal Organ Damage

One of the most devastating injuries resulting from seat belt injury occurs to your sternum and chest. These are the areas closest to your heart and lungs. The force of an impact can tear these tissues and cause internal organ damage.

4. Broken Bones

Seatbelts work by absorbing some of the force from an accident and distributing it over a larger area of your body (usually across your upper body). This helps prevent broken bones and head injuries. If you are injured in an accident, you need to contact seatbelt injury lawyers who can help protect your rights and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

5. Possible Legal Action Against You

Suppose someone else gets hurt because they weren’t wearing their seatbelt and blame themselves for their lack of safety precautions. In that case, they could sue for damages caused by their lack of judgment after an accident because someone wasn’t wearing a seatbelt while riding in any vehicle, whether a motorcycle or truck.

6. Increases the Chances of Being Thrown Out of the Car

You could be thrown from the car if you don’t wear your seatbelt. This is because the shoulder belt will hold you in place during a collision and prevent you from moving forward, but there’s nothing to restrain you from being flung out of the car. This can cause serious injuries or death.

7. Spinal Cord Damage and Paralysis

If you don’t wear a seatbelt and are involved in a car accident, you are at risk for a complete spinal cord injury (SCI), which can result in loss of feeling and function in your arms, legs, and even your breathing. While this type of injury is rare, it is still possible to suffer complete paralysis when a bullet or knife passes through the center of the spinal cord.

8. Negative Toll on the Finances

Hospitalization is costly, especially for the average U.S. citizen, and not wearing a seatbelt increases the likelihood of hospital visits and the length of stay.

Better Safe than Sorry

The only way to avoid the negative consequences of not wearing a seatbelt is to wear one! Wearing your seatbelt makes sense and is the smart thing to do.