Unblock YouTube with a VPN

Users in different countries have the same problems with the access to different libraries of movies and TV-shows, music files, and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The most frequently appeared problem is probably with YouTube. Who doesn’t want to be able to watch free educative, informative, funny, and entertaining videos on YouTube?

Censorship of YouTube is a real struggle in China particularly, as millions of tourists visit this country each year. And most of them are not prepared for a severe Internet censorship policy. So, if you want to know how to unblock Youtube where it is banned, keep reading. We’ll tell exactly what you need, and why you need it.

How to Watch YouTube Videos Abroad

Everything you need to access a restricted content abroad, including a YouTube platform, is a VPN.

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a free or paid program (depending on what you choose), which creates an invisible tunnel to transfer your traffic through. This small, inexpensive, and simple tool allows you not only to get a free access to any geo-restricted content, but also protects your devices from outside hacker attacks. Don’t confuse a VPN with an antivirus. A VPN is more progressive and universal tool. It doesn’t require a continuous update and it is a multifunctional tool, contrary to an average antivirus software.

As we have already mentioned, a VPN comes in free and paid versions. The prices vary as well. Everything depends on the number of servers the program offers, and the number of operating systems, which it can be installed on. Go to Bestvpnrating.com to check the whole list of top-ranking services on the market.

You need a VPN not only to get access to the best online content from anywhere in the world, but also to:

  • Protect sensitive information on your mobile devices on the road, or any other places with a free public network;
  • To surf online anonymously, without revealing your location and IP address to other people and websites online.

The same way as with YouTube, you can unlock Netflix channels in other countries. For example, if you live outside the US, you don’t have access to the US Netflix movie library. Unfortunately, the best TV-shows can be found in the US Netflix library only. So, what? You need a VPN if you want to access those films and shows without a problem. Or if you live in the US and plan to visit China in the near future, then you need a VPN as well to keep watching US Netflix while being on the road.

If you want to unblock any restricted content and use it for a long period of time, even on the road, pick a VPN with a big number of servers available. For example, if a VPN has over 700-800 servers in the US alone, it can be considered a good one. Pay attention to the prices if you’re looking for something on a budget. If not, pick a VPN depending on servers and OS types mainly.