Watson’s Outdoor Patio Furniture in Louisville: How to Choose One

Louisville produces 95% of the world’s bourbon, and having an outdoor patio is a great way to enjoy the city’s largest export. Even if you don’t embark on the famous Kentucky Bourbon Trail, you can still enjoy it from the comfort of your home. With an outdoor patio and an assortment of Bourbon brands, your yard parties would be quite enjoyable and lively.

One simple but fantastic way to make the outdoor spaces of your house come alive is to install patio furniture. Because there are different types of Louisville’s premier patio furniture from Watson’s that can be used to beautify your patio, it can be somewhat difficult to choose. Therefore, in this article, we’ll provide tips on choosing outdoor patio furniture.

Write Down Your Needs

What you want to use the furniture for will determine the type you get. Therefore, think about what function the item will perform. Is it for parties, or do you want furniture just for personal use? To ensure you choose correctly, list out the possible activities you might engage in in your patio space and think of furniture that will match those activities.

Examine the Seating Before Purchasing

If your needs require patio sofas and chairs, it’s advisable to sit on the furniture before you purchase them. Since these items will be used often, you need to ensure that they are comfortable. The enjoyability of your patio space will drastically decrease if the furnishings are not comfortable.

Therefore, you need to get pieces with plush cushion seats and backs. Alternatively, you can get wood or metal pieces that have fluffy pillows to ensure comfort. Furthermore, only go for fabrics that are resistant to mildew growth and color fading.

Opt for Easily Maintained Outdoor Pieces

Since these items will be used from time to time, they’ll need a bit of maintenance to keep them in pristine shape. However, you shouldn’t get items that will require a large amount of maintenance time. Therefore, you need to purchase furniture that can be easily maintained.

Opt for items made of cedar, teak, metal, or any other material that is resistant to the changes that the elements of nature can cause. You can read this article to discover the most low-maintenance sofa fabrics. With such materials and some routine cleaning, your furnishings will continue to look beautiful for years. We also recommend that you use removable covers for your pillows and cushions that you can easily throw into the washer.

Think About Storage

You won’t be using your patio furniture all through the year. During the winter or when you travel, you’ll need to keep these items in storage locations such as the basement or garage. Doing so will protect the items from the elements, thereby preventing additional wear and lengthening their lives.

Remember how we advised you to buy weather-resistant furniture material? The fact is that even such materials will get damaged after a while and storing them helps to protect them. If you don’t have a lot of storage space, you can get foldable pieces or items that you can take apart. Stackable chairs are another great option that makes storage easy.

Choose Colors that go with your Outside Decor

Your outside decor can help you choose the right patio furniture. Unlike in the past, when metal pieces and wicker wood only came in neutral colors, these days they have a wide range of color finishes. So, you can simply pick furnishings that match your outdoor colors.

If you can’t find a color that matches your outdoor decor, you can paint the furniture with the matching color. We advise that you use bolder colors for accent pieces and cushions. The reason is that they won’t be used as often as the main pieces. Therefore, they won’t wear quickly and will need replacing.

Purchase High-Quality Items

Yes, we know you want to save money, but if you choose low quality, you’ll end up paying more in the long run. For instance, if you purchase items made from plastic resin, some low-quality wicker pieces, and wood products, while the furnishings might look good for a maximum of two years, they’ll end up losing their color. You can visit https://www.thomasnet.com/ to learn more about resin. When that happens, you’ll have to replace those items because they no longer look good.

Therefore, take your time to examine each piece, and read product reviews. If you are on a budget, you can still get quality pieces. Spend more on often-used items. Then you can get less-used accessories for less.


A patio can be a place to unwind with friends or serve as a personal retreat space. Whichever function this space might play, you’ll need furniture to enjoy your activities. In the article above, we’ve shared some tips on how to choose furniture for your Louisville patio.

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