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Why Ziphawk? The Nation’s Newest Rideshare Company Explains How They Aim to Disrupt the Industry

person holding iphone 6 inside carIn the world of ridesharing, there have been many concerns for riders. Most major ridesharing companies have not fully addressed these problems or given permanent solutions. Ziphawk aims to change this industry standard. With Ziphawk, you can have peace of mind before, during, and after every ride you purchase from us.

Superior Safety Checks

Each Ziphawk driver goes through rigorous safety checks before they can drive for us. Before each driver’s first ride, they go through multiple background checks to ensure the safety of every rider. You no longer have to worry about sketchy drivers and dangerous individuals. You deserve a safe ride every time you ride with Ziphawk.


Drivers must be fingerprinted before they can work for us. We run their fingerprints through a criminal database to make sure they have not been convicted of any crimes. Applicants who show up in the database of fingerprints are not eligible to drive for Ziphawk.

Three Background Checks

We run each applicant’s information through three background checks. This ensures that potential drivers have no state, regional, or national criminal histories that could jeopardize the safety of riders. Other ridesharing companies conduct loose background checks that can miss important convictions in drivers’ pasts.

Real-Time Ride Monitoring

Have you ever wanted to send your children somewhere but didn’t feel comfortable using a rideshare service? Those days are over with Ziphawk’s two-way dashcam monitoring features. We install a dashcam in every Ziphawk vehicle so you can check in on your loved ones at any time during their ride.

This protects riders and drivers from compromising situations. We take you and your family’s safety seriously. That is why our 24/7 dashcam monitoring is available for every ride, no matter what. You can also track the location of the Ziphawk vehicle with real-time GPS throughout the entire ride.

Reliable Transportation

You can schedule Ziphawk rides in advance using our convenient app. This means that whenever you need a ride, we will be there. Our reliable scheduling features allow you to plan ahead whenever you need to. We ensure that our drivers are available at scheduled times so you can be where you need to be without stress.

Driver Perks

Some rideshare companies are notorious for unfair practices towards their drivers. At Ziphawk, we believe in taking care of both riders and drivers every step of the way. We offer competitive perks for every Ziphawk driver that gets accepted to drive for us.

From flat-rate rides to instant driver pay, you never have to worry about missing out on your money. There are no shady pay practices with Ziphawk. You can work for us confidently, knowing that you can cash out on your earnings anytime.

About Ziphawk 

Ziphawk is the latest innovative ridesharing company that values both drivers and riders on every trip. We maintain real-time driver support, safety checks, and peace of mind for everyone involved. Ziphawk is quickly becoming the industry’s best ridesharing service with plenty of perks for drivers and riders alike.