Can You Control Everything in Your Life or Not?

I knew him as an angry person for a long time. He used to be angry for weeks or even longer, for the sake of somebody’s behavior, or for the sake of every situation you can imagine. But, he wasn’t a bad guy. When he was angry, he wasn’t furious, aggressive, or rude, just sad … Continue reading “Can You Control Everything in Your Life or Not?”

Are You on the Right Track?

It’s never too late to understand what’s going on in your life Are you on the right track? You don’t know? I’ll help you if you feel you are working harder and harder, but gaining less and less out of life, you definitely need to read this article, just as starting point. I’ve spent a … Continue reading “Are You on the Right Track?”

All of Life is Chemistry

When I was chemistry student I had just one goal in mind: finishing my studies as soon as possible. Simple as it is, the other day I was walking down a hallway toward my classroom thinking about the upcoming weekend. What do you expect a young student to think about? As I said, I was … Continue reading “All of Life is Chemistry”

A Short Lesson

She was a very quiet, modest, middle-aged lady. He was a young clergyman, probably in his early thirties, who was sitting beside her in the midtown doctor’s office. I was there in the same room, reading my book, hoping to kill time while waiting to see my practitioner. I’ll admit my crime: I couldn’t concentrate … Continue reading “A Short Lesson”