Don’t Let Others Intimidate You

Were you ever bullied, humiliated, harassed, or treated with contempt? Were you ever called names, such as fatso, baldy, geek, retard, or ugly? When you tried to fit in at a new school, job, or neighborhood, did someone or some group make racial slurs, belittle your religion, make fun of your appearance, ridicule your opinions, … Continue reading “Don’t Let Others Intimidate You”

Any Fool can Criticize, and Most Fools Do

The Harm We Do Imagine stabbing a friend in a fit of anger. As the knife blade sinks into his chest, your friend gasps in astonishment. Bewildered, his face contorts in excruciating pain. Losing blood and succumbing to shock, he collapses. Fortunately, someone called an ambulance, which soon arrives and rushes your friend to the … Continue reading “Any Fool can Criticize, and Most Fools Do”

It’s okay to pick your friends, but don’t pick them to pieces

What do you think of people who descend on their friends like vultures, criticizing, maligning, ridiculing, scorning, blaming, insulting, and belittling them? Actual vultures feed on carrion, but these human vultures pick their friends apart while they are still alive. Our family members are supposed to be our closest friends, yet even they may engage … Continue reading “It’s okay to pick your friends, but don’t pick them to pieces”